Monday Matters: All Eyez on California

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Q&A with Drunvalo: Episode 2


Selcuk’s Meme Parade

Memes of the Day from Grateful and Study

Photography by Brad

Bill’s Hall of Infamemes 

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~ Dilara 12.13.21

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  1. Hi Dilara,

    I am in San Francisco and about 20 minutes ago I saw the most clear and gorgeous double rainbow I have ever seen in my life. Each color was so distinct and clear. Unfortuntely the photo I took did not really capture what I saw. Anyways I even saw it slowly evaporate from left to right. First thing I thought was Ezekiel 1:28, and also God’s promise regarding the floods. In less than one minute the rainbow was gone and I felt like it was a sign from God. It has been a hard day as I was questioning my christian teachings, but God put me in check.

    Thanks for the continual hope and truth all these years.



    • Hi Shelley, I lived in SF for over a decade. I love how you can *hear* Him speak to you. Keep in tune with Him. Everything becomes magical. Stay the course. We will endure till the end. God bless you patriot! #WWG1WGA

  2. 🤣 these comics are beyond! I so needed the laugh.thank you! I can’t wait to listen to you and Maria too! That is next. I had to say thank you for the mega-funnies! ❤️

  3. I was so impressed by the fact you actually said the things that no one else ever has the nerve to put out there. I’ve been listening to so many duds. I finally put a few pieces of the puzzle together after this episode. I learned about you from L.P.
    You have nerves of steel!
    I thought believers were the ones who were going to disappear. I’m a bit confused about this ascention thing to 5D. Things I thought I understood have gone out the window these past couple years.
    Looking forward to all your shows on mondays, you really seem to give an honest dose of reality in America to us along with the most pleasant Marie B.

    • You have no idea what your words mean to me. I have set aside my entire life to help bring truth to those who will listen. Literally given it ALL up and have nothing but the truth to stand on and my faith in Jesus Christ and Almighty Father God. Which is EVERYTHING! See this article about the 5D thing – and the dimensions – it’s not something you grasp overnight. The dimensional stuff. But keep on searching, reading, and asking and God will answer you sister. God bless you thank you for your encouragement. It’s a lonely world when you walk alone instead of with the crowd going in the wrong direction. Godspeed and #WWG1WGA

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