Deep Space: ET Evidence in the Bible

Over the last few decades, an intense religious and scientific debate has been building around the idea of an extraterrestrial influence in the Bible. In 2014, the Center for Theological Inquiry, a research institute in New Jersey, was awarded $1.1 million by NASA to study “the societal implications of astrobiology”. What would the overall impact be on religions if they were to discover we are not alone in the Universe? As we conclude Season 3 of Deep Space, consider that if a distant race of ancient aliens once inhabited the lands of biblical times, and these were real-life events and not merely visions, then is it possible that a new paradigm awaits us where science, spirituality, and Open Contact is the next scripture about to be written?

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I do not endorse all presenters or views in this episode nor the platform.

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~ Dilara 08.23.21

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  1. Dilara – This series has been so informative. Thank you for gathering and providing the content for the public. The amount of knowledge and resources you have shared is a godsend to those who wish to learn. Surely your blog will be used as part of our history in this Great Awakening. Thank you! Godspeed. ❣️ Susan

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