Hollywood Satan Worship, ET’s In The Bible, and Clones: An Interview With Maria Bernadis!

If you haven’t subscribed to her channel yet, you have got to check out the one and only Maria Bernadis! Maria and I share some uncanny similarities, and when we finally connected, it was cosmic grace!

A true truth seeker and soldier of God Almighty, Maria will stop at nothing to move forward His plan and help usher in The Birth Of A New Humanity.

You can read more about the lovely Maria here: https://greekalicious.nyc/

Subscribe To Maria Bernadis’ Channel At: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkkYfny3VYoRjDozvzkrI0A

🍿Here is my interview with Maria – enjoy the show!🍿

πŸ“Ί Watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Up-YHXnsdtI πŸ“Ί

πŸ“Ί https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Up-YHXnsdtI πŸ“Ί

πŸ’• Thank you to April and Jay on http://www.spirituallyraw.live for the introduction! πŸ’•


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  1. I sympathize, Delara, and feel your frustration. But I have come to believe that there is no plan. At least not that will “free humanity.” I have lost any belief in Trump since he has pushed the vaccines, which will be mandated unconstitutionally or you lose your livelihood – it’s already started and coming in a bigger way. Are the vaxxes “safe” or “deadly” – not one word from “Q.” My closest friend for nearly 25 years – double vaxxed – got covid and just died in the hospital on a ventilator. I am devastated. Sadly, I fear that we have been played by “Q” and it’s all been a game between two sides of the same Illuminati coin. No matter which side wins, we lose.

    I write this because I am tired of all this evil winning and no one cares. I no longer have faith or hope in anything or anyone. I really fear that “Hell on Earth” is a very real thing and there is no escape from this hell. If I am proven wrong I will be glad. Many years ago on certain forums people would post “upcoming events” both positive and negative. Someone would always post “nothing will happen” and that was always the case. In terms of any kind of New Better World…nothing will happen.

    To the “white hats I say feel free to prove me wrong. Dilara you can delete this if it’s too negative. But this is where I am after 5 years+ of supporting Trump and this vague Plan.

    • Hi Ted. Thank you for your honest and heartfelt comment. I am VERY sorry for the loss of your friend. It is not an easy time for any of us. I do believe Q is very real and so is the plan. BUT, I also know and believe it has been DELAYED. And who is suffering? US. While it would have been MUCH worse had the other side won, our patience runs out when people start dropping dead around us. So here we are. Waiting and waiting and waiting for nothing to happen it seems. It’s beyond frustrating with people losing jobs, homes, lives, and loved ones. THIS SHOW SUCKS is all I can say at this point. BUT, I also KNOW that Potus is GOOD 100% and don’t let the thought into your head that we have been played. We are just being DRAGGED through the mud and it stinks. I’m over all the “crumbs” myself and its straight up survival time. Fk any plan that is killing us. Im about God and humanity. God bless you Ted. Sending you love.

      • i believe that this life is one big lesson.
        Some of us will get it & some will not.
        But i agree with Ted, I think we’re being played.
        The fact Pompeo was CIA DIRECTOR, Leaves Me Feeling Like He Was Handling DJT. It All Really Stinks to High Heaven.
        1 thing most folks dont know about Trump: When He Bankrupted His Casinos in Atlantic City, He Stiffed 250 of His Employees Their Monthly Salaries.
        How do i know this??? My little sister was 1 of those employees who got scammed….and she was in college!! I HOPE I AM WRONG ABOUT TRUMP, but i know what i know about him

      • Trust Kansas! See my old post about this. We have NOT been played its JUST that they are DRAGGING us through the MUD. They need to throw us a bone! A massive one so we are not suffering in this society! Its NOT ok anymore! Not one bit! (Thank you for your rant patriot!) Trust Trump. Just WAY too much going on behind the scenes and NOT enough let out to the people. TELL THEM SHOW THEM – Like Linda Paris said tonight – UNTIL its on MSMS for these DUMBTARDS we dont have a chance! Staying the course. Thank God for all of us – we have each other. We have God. We will NEVER lose sight of HIM! Amen.

  2. Hi dilara
    Trying to subscribe to.your channel but the link that is sent in then email has no accept button. Please look into this

  3. To Ted, I also so sorry for your loss of your closest friend and no words can take that pain of hurt away.

    My son only 28 took the vaccine and I have to pray it’s a placebo or I’ll go out of my mind thinking everyday I’m going to loose my son, my child that took me 8 years to conceive. For months I kept saying hold off and wait and time will tell you more about the vaccine and what it’s all about. But my ex-husband convince him to take the JAB and how the benefits out way catching the virus. I was upset for days. But I knew I couldn’t live everyday thinking my son was going to die.

    I’m also getting fed up but if I give in, then I’m giving the CABAL/TheDevil just what they/he wants, WEAKNESS & FEAR and most of all HATE.

    On September 11 of this year I finally seen the photo of the Clinton’s, Obama’s & Biden’s and when I looked closely I seen it was Hillary. I wasn’t just making my mind think it. So I cropped the photo and ask my friends and family do you know this women? Everyone said NO. They then asked who is it? I said It’s HRC. Do you know every person said “no way, That doesn’t even look like her”. This photo was not photo shopped. It was the same photo in all the news papers. When the MSM took the photo they just thought we would be too busy looking at Joe Biden big mouth open shouting. That very moment I seen that photo I knew something is happening. Unfortunately the white hats are thinking the Demtards need crumbs as Dilara said. Fuck the feeding too many crumbs, WE NEED A SIGN…it is time for a bigger sign. For me Ted that photo was a sign. I know in the beginning all are intel kept saying grab your popcorn and enjoy the show. The show we were hoping for, a quick round’m up cowboy movie, but more like a silent film, or going to the Opera in Italian when you don’t speak or understand Italian, so you have to watch and listen much more carefully.

    Another clue for me was, I watch a video the other day and it was from General Flynn travels of the USA with his group of speakers, General Flynn ReAwaken America Tour. They are still touring the USA, hitting Texas in Nov-Dec. But getting back to the video. I woman stood up and asked General Flynn a question, Is this the Corporation of the Republic? LINK; https://rumble.com/vffrgj-general-flynn-are-we-living-under-the-united-states-corporation.html

    Stay strong! Its like tug-of-war, if one person lets go of the rope we will fall. I find myself not watching MSM as much, I see that they aren’t reporting the stuff I’m reading and when they do bring it up its weeks and sometime months after I’ve read it, or Dilara, Linda, and others I follow have talked out it. MSM is all about the ratings.

    Ted losing a love is one hard or the hardest thing to live through and it does sucks. My boyfriend Bob lost his dad to a long term illness that started when Bob was 17 years old. Bob became a VERY ANGRY young man for 6 years, dealing with it in his own way. His dad was suffering from MS. Bob at 46 years old, took in his dad and made him an apartment on the ground level of his farm house, when his mom could no longer care for him. Bob didn’t want a nursing home for his dad at that time, he knew his dad didn’t want it and wasn’t ready or time for that stage of care. Bob wanted his father to choose that day, for when it would come. For 7 more years Bob cared for his dad, some good and some bad. Gore always said “I’ll die on a day everyone will remember, 12/12/2012. Bob at first was fine but on day working the field he fell to his knees crying with so much loss and pain. Linsey, Bob’s mini horse that would buck and bite him daily, walked up to him put her head on his shoulder. She felt his pain and not one day later did she buck or bite him and no longer chased him out of the barn. Bob at that moment realized that he would cherish all his memories with his dad. When Linsey put her head on his shoulder it was like Gore’s way of letting him know he was still with him. Why else would this horse who bit and kicked Bob every day. Bob often question why she hated him after he had rescued her and her daughter magge and gave them a better home with food and water and beautiful barn out of the cold, So what happened on that day? Was it Linsey consoling Bob or was it Gore telling Linsey be there for him. Gore lived on that farm with Linsey and Magge, but he was in a wheel chair and couldn’t make his way to the barn. I guess I just wanted to share this story with you Ted to let you know your dear friend is still with you even thou you don’t see him/her physically. You have your memories and heart felt moments no one can take away from you. God wants you to have faith in him and the Devil wants you be angry, that anger feeds the Devil and his followers.

    God Bless You and sending you positive heart vibrations Ted.

    Stay Strong Dilara there are so many of us that pray for you and send you positive vibrations daily πŸ™‚



  4. Hi Dilara,

    I’ve been making a very good living online since 1994. My last online business sold for over 2 million.

    Every month I reach out to the Journalists like Linda, Sarge, Jorden, Craig, Dave and the list goes on and on and on, and everybody is too busy doing stupid, compromising themselves by begging for money through donations, selling crap for small affiliate commissions, asking people to join membership which don’t work, and it’s all a frigging nightmare.

    I do what BIG Money companies do. It’s not hard, you just have to set it up. I’ve reached out to over 100 journalists that I’ve watched suffer because they are too busy to pay attention to what true internet marketers do to create online wealth, so you can keep doing what you want to do. You guys have been doing stupid since 2016 from what I’ve seen, and it’s not getting better!.

    Please call me Lee Romanov 949-545-4211 or email Lee@IncomeActivator.com

  5. Hi Dilara, I have been listening to your shows with Linda Paris (Love her!) and I am just now delving into your unbelievable treasure trove of information going back many years. We all have intuition, but some of us are more connected to it…in tune with the earth, GOD and reading people. The very first time Tony Fauci took to the podium in 2020, I saw and heard a man that was evil to the core. Friends challenged me over it, called me out, cited his credentials, but I trusted my gut and here we are. Is there a plan, only time will tell, but I believe in GOD and I believe we the people will rise up like never before when we really get backed into the corner. Each day more is revealed, and we know the evil and corruption runs far, deep and wide. In fact every aspect of our social fabric has been infiltrated. so our undertaking is vast and will take time a lot of time the most important thing is to stay in the fight…keep mentally strong, take care of ourselves, use discernment but know the facts. God bless you for all the hours of work you’ve put in, I will be delving into this much more. I too am in California, the OC, so not as corrupt as LA but it’s going in that direction. I am doing my part and know that GOD will continue to direct and use me to his Glory.

  6. -Satan worship! That’s scare me bad. They got to keep their star high. Satan is exactly what America is against. The exact opposite. I was pretty bad that way. You know, drinking, dope, hash (1,2) Always knew there was a higher power. Can’t say your wrong. Think indians had it right. A God for water, air, crops…

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