Helicopters Hovering Over Hollywood Under A Hunter’s Moon!

Happy Thursday Patriots!

It’s a full Hunter’s Moon!

Where the hunters become the hunted.

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Speaking of updates!

Are they getting grabbed from their homes at night? That’s how the po po do it. I worked in law enforcement. Most of the time, everything goes down late into the night so that there is less public interaction. Check out my last interview with Linda called the Hollywood Makeover.

Tonight, there is low flying choppers in the skies – the lights are OFF and they are flying over residential neighborhoods. I went outside to see the full moon and couldn’t sleep. There was so much noise in the skies and these little gnat like choppers are flying so low there has to be something going on.

Most military operations happen in the dead of night and when everyone is asleep. It’s cheaper than using cloaking technology. And who knows if they are not using these methods in conjunction with the darkness night affords covert operations?

What did I tell you all?

Judgement Is Coming, Pedowood no one is safe!⚖️ ✝️🔥✝️⚖️

(As I type this, sirens are going off like crazy on the roads!)

The NSA has all of their communications and even the ones who are still galavanting around, thinking they are better than us, false creepy shitbag idols will BURN!

God will judge them by fire just watch!

The Filth And Scum Of Pedowood have a BIG karmic slap coming. No free passes for these vermin!

Could the choppers be ones like these?

Vertical Lift Helo (Perfect for landing on the andrenachrome sucking stars’s homes and taking them to their demise!)

Special Ops May Get Army Future Vertical Lift Helo to Replace MH-6 Little Bird: https://www.military.com/daily-news/2019/09/09/special-ops-may-buy-army-future-vertical-lift-helo-replace-mh-6-little-bird.html

These little “birds” have been catching my eyes often through the skies (especially when it starts to get dark) over Los Angeles.

Turns out that only a few companies make these things for our military. Lookup Vertical Lift Helos – and realize what they are used for: special operations!

Before I started seeing theses thing, a military source explained to me about training exercises where they are landing these things in the streets.


I wonder who is behind this.

But oh wait!


We are all awaiting the Cabal Takedown of these complete bags of douche who dominate this town, who all think they are better than you and I.

Perhaps these choppers are the beginning of the epic Supernatural Justice! that awaits these cretin.

Is This The Storm?

Millions of us are waiting.

I WISH we could all see THIS type of scenario in a perfect world where I could go take footage of them getting carried away! Imagine the pleasure we would all have by seeing baby eaters being carried away in body bags — alive. 😂🔥💥 (This photo needs to go on my vision board) 😅

Simulation (real life) from Lockheed’s page referenced above.

My favorite moment is going to be seeing some of these assholes that I personally know lose everything. They will be lucky if they are allowed to live. I think some of them will be stripped of everything and the public will be left to deal with them on some level.

They Will Not Be Safe Walking Down The Street so be still and know that It’s Going To Be Biblical!

Updates coming on the podcast about these little ghetto birds going to collect their bounties!

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God bless you all and thank you for being here and tuning into the truth!

Godspeed patriots!




Think about this!


‘Those that take the vaccine, those that comply with the system, those that refuse to inconvenience themselves in order to stay free, are of the world and like the world. Do not be “like the world”, because unlike Christ our Lord and Savior, this world will not last. This world is not eternal, and those that invest in this world instead of Jesus Christ will perish along with it.” ~ Dr. Tenpenny via TELEGRAM Channel: https://t.me/DrTenpenny

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David Icke & Credo Mutwa — The Reptilian Agenda (Part One)



Dr. Stella Immanuel: “The Whole Pandemic Was A TROJAN HORSE For Vaccines – Fauci Is The Epitome Of Evil.” https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/10/dr-stella-immanuel-whole-pandemic-trojan-horse-vaccines-fauci-epitome-evil/


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  1. HI re your Telegram.. think you may have created a ‘Group’ as I get a post every time someone joins. I am part of my friend’s group and it works like that. 2 30 am here so can’t ask her. Not sure but you may have to start again. oops PS Telegram is great I followed you for a long time TWITTER and am feel Telegram will work well for you too

  2. Hi Dilara.

    You are so awesome I get so excited for all info from you. I did sign up to help you monthly. I would like to ask why you choose spiritually raw? I follow all the others you follow already. Love Linda Paris!! Support her too. Just not sure for spiritual raw?

  3. Hi! Synchronicity! As soon as I opened your blog to read it—- a helicopter started flying my way. 🚁 I wish I could share the video I took. I smiled knowing there are no coincidences. I can’t wait to listen and to learn and to laugh! So much in this blog! Thank you. ❣️

  4. Ms Dilara’s Telegram Channel….
    It’s like a Positive Sanctuary Channel for those who seek Asylum but for all the Right reasons!!! Ciao!!

  5. Hear Ye , Hear Ye! Not wanting to be mislabeled as FauxPromotAnon…Tis my Honor and Duty to Officially announce that Ms Dilara’s Telegram Channel is now Officially Official !!! Therefore hence forward it shall be Officially recognized as “Dilara Esengil Official Channel” !!! So let it be Officially written….So let it be Officially done! Ciao

  6. Those small black helicopter are called stingers, they move in and out quickly highline targetes, usually light armor hence the speed . They will highlight a target which will be hit 10 to 60 km away ..where the apache or ocean vehicles will fife , unusually its direct

  7. Yes! I found you on telegram! Yay! Thank you for the work you do. Unprecedented times for sure. I’m so encouraged by you.

    Because mainstream media lies we are the news. You are shining for many of us. I feel I’m not alone.

    Thank you!

  8. Love your work!!! I appreciate all the intel! I love to listen to you Sarge and Linda for truth and reality as most my fam are sheep 😒

  9. And question – how BIG are these helos?? Because on your Friday chat with sarge and Linda you mentioned “gnat” like things flying around. But I can’t imagine helos big enough to hold people flying through neighborhoods!? Yikes!

  10. Dilara, Heard you on McAllister TV today. You were mentioning posting an article. This IS that article isn’t it? We’ve had Chinook Helicopters (the huge ones with 2 rotors) flying right over our house all weekend up here in E. Santa Clarita. We are in the flightpath from Vanderberg AFB & 29 Palms. These Chinooks were flying really low, low enough to shake our whole house. Something’s up.

  11. Thanks for what you doing Dilara, I love listening to you, Sarge and Linda. Having spent many hours playing this guessing game on current affairs with the likes of Mel K, Simon Parkes etc etc it’s nice to have this vibe too, it’s healthy and fun having the light heartedness and humor…..Interesting that they’re even up flying near my old alma mater Calarts, sad to me how that place is now kinda “woke”, I guess no surprise with their connex to Disney. Love to all you wonderful people from the Netherlands.

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