Dark to Light

We are over a month into a complicated quarantine and military operations.

Covid is a covert attempt at taking down a criminal elite cabal, detailed in my last article called Cabal Takedown.

Throughout the pressers, Potus has been mentioning the year 1917 repeatedly. Anons know what to do. So let’s take a look at what is going on.

Recently, we had to deal with shut down systems worldwide which has indeed affected every industry including but not limited to agriculture, transportation, healthcare and power companies.

Significantly, how do you control a monopoly and a population? Fear and money. So take away the fear and the money, you take away the control of the elite cabal.

As we stand at the edge of a deceitful era, overlooking a new society, a new humanity, and new way to being towards each other, we leave behind us the greed, the deception and the false idols of the Luciferian communist cabal that has infiltrated our lives, our livelihoods, and our earthly existence.

Sheep no more.

We are facing a new and improved life in the aftermath of this invisible enemy. Not only do I anticipate great and miraculous changes coming in the next months and years, but I sincerely believe that this time is being used to to restructure the broken system  that Potus inherited.

And he’s fixing it, like a boss!


As we change and implement the new systems that humanity will soon embrace, we can all look forward to improved healthcare, air quality, food standards, media regulations, transportation and financial systems.

But let us examine what 1917 has to do with this puzzle.

The most obvious reference is to this fateful year is the deadly Spanish Flu which went on for over 2 years from January 1918 to December 1920, infecting 500 million people – about a third of the world’s population at the time.

At first glance, this may seem like what Potus is referring to. However, as anons know  double meanings are prevalent in this operation.

It was the year 1917 when Nikola Tesla was awarded the Edison medal for his inventions on May 18th. Later that year, on July 4th, by no coincidence, the Tesla tower was destroyed by the cabal. The evil Rothschild zionists who control the power companies (until very recently, when Potus forced them to step down) were not interested in providing free energy to the world through Tesla’s intentions as this would mean a large dent in their reptilian pocketbooks.


In August of 1917, a magazine called the Electrical Experimenter published an article about Tesla’s inventions of radar and submergible water craft. Tesla explained his findings “as [a] method of locating or indicating the presence of an iron or steel mass might prove very practical in locating a hidden submarine.”

Could the same technology be used to locate underwater submerged tunnels that were bored underneath the ocean floors?


Elon Musk, another cabal puppet, who got rich from Emerald mines, owns the largest tunnel boring systems that work hand in hand with Cemex (the cabal’s cement operation that has been using human blood and remains in the mix from all of our dead bodies that they have been harvesting for adrenachrome and then some). His company is in fact, called Boring.

Here’s Musk is with Epstein’s mistress, Ghislaine Maxwell who happens to have a submarine license…


No coincidences.

Potus tweeted this last summer when Cemex was in the mix, a sly reference to this sick and twisted operation:

Messages Image(3483722427)

Anons know that there has been an extensive underground rescue operation going on about Saving The Children. This is a deeper rabbit hole that I will go into some later time but the for the purposes of this article, we should stick to the year 1917 and how that relates to our current situation today.

Could the reference to 1917 point to Tesla?

We are after all entering a new era where the cabal will no longer have control of our oil, water, and our energy.

Notice that Potus keeps making references the word energy in his speeches during the pressers for the COVID based shut down. Do you really think all the companies that are being repurposed are only making masks, swabs and ventilators? Or is it possible that these COVID response companies are covertly making generators, free energy devices based on the year 1917 and Tesla’s technology?

It was, after all, John G. Trump, our President’s uncle who was called into examine Tesla’s documents a few days after Tesla’s death.


Note that Potus has “accidentally” said the word generators instead of ventilators a few times during the daily pressers.

No coincidences.

Let us take a deeper dive into Nikola Tesla, and see how this historical genius will be so important during this period in human history.

Nikola Tesla wanted to give us free energy. JP Morgan who owned many copper mines did not want electricity to be free. Instead, he wanted to force electricity to be run through copper wires and meter for none other than greed and profitability.

You cannot serve two masters.


Tesla knew that eventually the unlimited free energy (which will hopefully electrify our new border wall) would come from zero point technology.

Greedy caballed governments have not allowed this tech to come forward. Since around the 1940’s, anyone who dared to even research zero point technology was either killed or disappeared.

Greed is a mofo.

So is the cabal. Cabal Takedown .

My thread on Nikola Tesla and zero point details some more interesting facts on our energy sources. You can read it here:

Consider never paying for an electric bill again. Who owns the power companies? Who controls the grids? What do we rely on for power? It is insane and archaic.

They never thought she would lose.

We have been robbed blind for years. We have been slaves to slave masters, disguised as bosses and CEOs (not all are bad, but where is your freedom when you rely on another for your paycheck? Your vacation? Your time off?).

What Tesla knew was correct. This technology and the emergence of it into the public sector relied on one thing: our awakening. And God sent a man named Donald J. Trump to take the helm and lead us into an age of humanitarian freedom like never before.

Praise God !

Of course the commies, the Luciferians, the left, the demons and the criminals hate him.  They hate us too. This includes China. This is not about kumbaya. This is about true freedom – true emancipation from mental slavery.

All we have to do is stand up.


Even though the cretin cabal killed our beautiful inventor and tried to take all of his documents, some of Tesla’s work was, in my opinion, saved and kept by Trump’s uncle John.


Tesla was right: nothing can stop what is coming !

The way we consume power is old news. Outdated. And soon to be gone forever.

Messages Image(1007224186)

1917 was an important year in American history. No wonder Potus keeps referring to this year almost regularly in his press conferences.

The world is ready for freedom.

Human liberty and free energy for all.

Are you ready?

#DarkToLight we go!

Copyright 2020 Dilara Esengil, All Rights Reserved

*Only the featured image is property (and artwork) of the author.

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  1. You never cease to amaze me! Every time you post it gets better. Your research and results are amazing!
    Thank you!

  2. Uplifting Blog! Thank you so much for sharing your research! May peace be with you, always.. God Bless you!

  3. Uplifting Blog! Thank you so much for sharing your research! May peace be with you, always.. God Bless you!

  4. Thank you so much for your research. It is very encouraging to know President Trump’s uncle was involved in this. I hope and pray Tesla’s papers are secure. I believe they are.

  5. Your digs are some of my favorites. You are fantastic at this research. I believe you are spot on here. If John Trump continued Tesla’s work imagine what is coming.

  6. 🎩 off Dilara, you are a beautiful person & an amazing researcher . Thank you for your work & to expose facts as they are connecting all dots. I imagine you with a huge paper on table / or a blackboard writing down connections . I would love to work with you .
    Be blessed, world needs more persons like you
    Love & Light 💫💚

  7. Dilara, this was a great article, thank you so much. Please tell me, does this mean that very soon (2021?) it would be entirely possible to live on undeveloped land without electricity to run power/water? I can’t get an answer anywhere.

  8. The best is yet to come – PDJT 🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Best blog “dilaraesengil.blog” Best info always. Waiting in prayer to see finished painting of President Trump lifting curtain for all to see ❤️

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