The Real Life Mulder 🛸

Every Friday night while other college kids were planning their next party or sports bar escapade, I was rushing home from the library to make sure I didn’t miss an episode of the X-Files.


Back then, I think I was the only person amongst my friends who had cable TV hooked up in my tiny studio where I would spend my college years at UC Berkeley (before Soros bought it).

I used to watch the X-Files like frat boys watch sorority girls get drunk.

My then boyfriend (and later to be husband, R.I.P.) and I would shut off the world and glue ourselves to the boob tube only for this one evening every week where the paranormal became normal in our world.

We spent years watching this series, never missing an episode. The irony would be that my hubby too was involved in some very paranormal fields of work and study but I wouldn’t find out until after we were married. Another article for another day.

Years later, I would abandon the X-Files all together in its second coming as the original can never be replaced by the sequel. So like most truth seekers, I turned off cable years ago and turned on alternative media networks, only to run into the real life Mulder himself, Mr. John DeSouza.


As an attorney with a criminal law background who has worked with entertainment for decades, I can tell you that usually, when you meet the real life person behind a character portrayed on the screen, it can be more than disappointing. And that is the magic of film: to draw an audience and make the story even better.

But in this case, the real X-Files expert, the DeSouza version, is to say the least, nothing short of an honest genius action hero with a heart. Once I saw John DeSouza speak, I knew that the rabbit hole was much deeper than the Hollywood version could ever tell. He takes Ancient Aliens to another level. If you every wondered what was missing out of the stories we have all heard over the years, from Area 51 to accounts of individual abductions, the answers become crystal clear as you dig into the truth with DeSouza.

If you don’t know John yet I recommend you start with this series on with George Noory from Coast to Coast and his terrific series called Beyond Belief. The subscription is only 99 cents for the first month and you can sign up thereafter for about ten bucks monthly (they also run holiday specials and no I am not getting paid to say any of this).

Here is the starter episode featuring John that you can look for on this network:

Messages Image(3382390818).png

John DeSouza is a former federal agent for the FBI who worked the real X-Files cases while maintaining a Top Secret security clearance for over 25 years. He worked counter-terrorism and violent crime cases. He is also an author, an attorney, a lecturer, and patriot who stands with the full armor of God. There are not many people who can speak with the honesty and knowledge that this experienced and uniquely positioned human being offers to the rest of our awakening.

I am half way into DeSouza’s book The Extra-Dimensionals and honestly, I am blown away. I won’t ruin it for any of you, but if you are passionate about knowing and learning the truth, I highly recommend getting a copy at


After only the first few chapters, I felt the urgent need to take a vacation with just a backpack of personal things and a suitcase filled with everything DeSouza so that I can immerse myself in well-written, authentic, jam-packed stories of everything that has been intriguing me since my first dive into the paranormal. My next read is his book called Clear Hearers.  If you want truth, John DeSouza is your answer.


I think I was about four years old when I found a book about UFO’s and the Bermuda Triangle. This was back in the 1970’s so reading books was still a thing. Before that, I was fascinated with space and time and had too many questions for a little person that adults did not and simply could not answer. So books were my answer to just about everything.  And although my lifetime’s journey of seeking answers was just beginning, I had no idea what life had in store for me, as it was really the initiation to the rest of my journey through spacetime.

And to find myself in 2019, over 25 years after my college days past the cabal’s lies and Hollywood smiles to connect with the content of the real life Mulder?

Well that’s simply proves that the truth is really out there!

After decades of practice in both criminal, corporate and entertainment law (almost all the same thing, really), I trust almost no one in Hollywood, very few people in law enforcement that I have worked with personally, and a handful of folks putting out information in the selfless attempt to usher humanity into enlightenment. The one person I do trust is undeniably John DeSouza for he is the real deal. With his experience and pure authenticity, John is on an unstoppable mission to help take us from dark to light.

If you are a newbie to this field, keep your mind open and enter the world of the real X-Files with an open heart for truth. For this is one journey of a lifetime that you surely  cannot afford to miss.


~ Copyright 2019 Dilara Esengil, All Rights Reserved

**** Ways to connect with John DeSouza online ****

Twitter: @johnxdesouza


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