Fire Heart

Amidst the ashes I saw him,

An angel which came,

Landing so gently,

Untouched by the flames,


My whole world was burning,

At one point I feared,

I could surely extinguish,

The flames with my tears,


He said: Hell hath no fury,

O’er Satan’s lost bets,

Retaliation for justice,

Is why these fires were set,


Underground tunnels,

Filled with their cries,

Children and victims,

Had lost hope for their lives,


A slumbering people,

Too sure to awaken,

Living their lives,

On the verge of mistaken,


The road to salvation,

Is paved only with truth,

To close our eyes now,

Would bury our youth,


He spoke to me clearly,

Without saying a word,

But every sound and syllable,

Was utterly heard,


Pray for me and my brethren,

He said with a smile,

And turned to the inferno,

As I stood there beguiled,


He suddenly rose,

To a place in the skies,

And opened his wings,

As the heaven’s choir cried,


I fell to my knees,

And begged Father please!

Stay these winds calmly,

And help him defeat,


The minions, the enemy,

And all his assigns,

For it is through you, Father,

Comes the saving of lives,


And as the angel spread,

His magnificent wings,

What I witnessed next,

Was beyond miraculous things,


With one hand he ordered,

The flames to decease,

While the other bought calm,

And an inferno of peace,


And as I looked up,

In the once blistering skies,

I could see the Lord smiling,

Through the angel’s kind eyes,


God bless you my child,

My work here is done,

And he went back to Heaven,

Like the flight of a dove,


And in my amazement,

I sat down and wept,

Humbled by God,

And the soldier he’d sent,


Selfless and pure,

No service to self,

And eternity of saving,

All but himself,


And after the dawn,

I rose to my feet,

And looked out my window,

And couldn’t believe,


The ashes were trees,

The land was all green,

Butterflies and birds,

Filled the skies with a gleam,


And as I was turning,

To start this new day,

I heard a voice whisper,

Come sit and pray,


For all of the firefighters,

Are me without wings,

They came here to save you,

From what Lucifer brings,


Thank them daily my child,

For we are all one,

They walk through fire,

With no fear but just love,


And from that day to now,

Yesterday today and tomorrow,

I will never forget,

How he replaced my sorrow,


With a heart that bursts brightly,

With gratitude and love,

From God’s glory through the angel,

He sent to me from above.


~ Dedicated to all the selfless firefighters continuing to fight the fires in California and all part of our nation and planet. Without you all, we would not be here. My gratitude is forever. My prayers will never stop for you all. Thank you. God be with you. God always protect you and your families. πŸ™πŸΌβœοΈβ€οΈ

Copyright 2019 Dilara Esengil, All Rights Reserved



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  1. I’m speechless! Your heart really makes me get choked up. What beautiful writing and a wonderful tribute to these brave souls putting themselves in harms way for us.
    Angels come in many forms. You’re one of mine.

  2. Dilara once more manages to connect the hard day to day reality we have to face with inspirational thoughts that put things in a deeper perspective.

  3. Dilara, you amaze me. A prayer from the heart for sure. Love you and our Father bless you with every need you have.

    • Thank you Margaret. He has blessed me to serve Him that is my only need: HIM! Amen! God bless you as well always and forever and all the ones you love. I pray this in Jesus name amen. πŸ™πŸΌβ™₯οΈβœοΈπŸ™ŒπŸΌ

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