The Stage Is Set

It’s over.

Everything that you think is happening or wished would have happened already took place in the first four years of the Trump Presidency.

While it pains the soul to watch these shittards think that (dead) Biden won a fake election, we have to understand that the little brains of these complete idiots clinging to the matrix are not capable of digesting or even understanding the truth.

The Truth Is Not For Everyone.

Which is really sad.

But it’s way more frustrating and sickening than sad, frankly.

I can’t ever look at any of these blockheads the same way. I don’t care what kind of boom is delivered (if a boom will ever be delivered, I doubt it). I have no respect for them, and truthfully, though I forgive them all for they literally know not what they do, I want nothing to do with this level of stupid, hate-filled morons in my life.

I don’t even care that they are lining up for the vaccine. In a way, I’m really enjoying this show.

They have allowed their brains to be infected by The Invisible Enemy.

And no matter how much shaking, baking or waking they get shoved down their masked throats, they are never, ever going to be smart.

Furthermore, they are never ever going to be in a foxhole with any of us patriots who had to Suffer Early and Hold The Line!

The same people we are trying to shake up to wake up are the same people who hate us. Their hatred is seething and has become violent. The only option left for patriots who wish to stay United Not Divided is to Protect Your Energy: #HoldTheLine and stay the f*ck away from these lower life forms. Because that is what they are. I’m sorry but The Truth Hurts. Anyone who rejects knowledge, doesn’t want to hear an opposing opinion or is just too angry or hateful has no place in the society that God is rebuilding.

According to the plan, 4-6 percent will be lost forever.

With a world population of approximately 8 billion, 4-6% is approximately 400 million people worldwide.

Those that are lost forever will are aligned with the enemy. And most likely, they won’t make it. The vaccine is just a small piece of the puzzle to their inevitable demise. People running to take it for a donut are, in my opinion, amongst this sad statistic.

It’s become my extreme pleasure to Drop the Disbelievers! and find peace in the knowing that I never have to speak to these people again.

Even after they wake up, who trusts someone this stupid, this bullish, and full of so much hate that their hearts are most likely going to implode? Don’t believe me? Watch the presentation by Dr. Len Horowitz detailed in my article called DNA Pirates of the Sacred Spiral. He specifically describes what happens to these hate-filled programmed zombies who reject knowledge: heart attacks, strokes, brain problems. You name it, they get it.

Good riddance.

In the meantime, everything you are watching is optics. What you are seeing on almost all newsfeeds is just to preoccupy the masses, even us patriots. Even the Q decodes – a huge preoccupation to figure our what those who walk by faith already know: God wins. This show was over a while ago. There is still shit to sweep up – not everyone has been indeed arrested and taken away… yet. In fact, some will be left for we the people for They Will Not Be Safe Walking Down The Street.

Now we just have to regurgitate this stuff over and over again for the mightless mutton.

Wondering why you are not seeing arrests? Nothing publicized?

There is a million and one reasons for this, but the main one is in order to keep the peace so these sleeping sheeple don’t lose their shit on us and make our lives more hell then they already are.

In fact, they are going to make the Biden-actor-clone-pedo-puppet do most of this dirty work. Most of the roll out of these arrests, the exposure of these crimes against humanity will come while the dummies still think Biden is their president. Will Biden get the credit? Who knows. But at least it won’t be their TDS syndrome acting up and their little intellects and big egos and emotion based lack of logic ruining our lives on a daily level.

Imagine the rage and frustration of all us patriots when these crimes are exposed and these masked meek mindless muppets start telling us that it was their president who did all this good work to take these people down. I really hope that isn’t how this all goes down. I think it would be at that point where patriots would lose their patience and the military would need to step in. I couldn’t imagine some pompous Biden ass kissing fktard telling me that their stairway to hell clone was the hero at the end of the day.

How would that make you feel?

Is it fair to keep millions of patriots silent forever about all of this with zero validation?


But, there is no other way out of this with the MSM still spewing garbage 24/7. Hopefully everyone still dialed into the fake news is vaccinated by now and on their way out of this dimension.

The few good ones who thought they had to take it for their job safety, I believe will have some hope in treating the myriad of health problems awaiting them for willingly altering their God given DNA. There is no going back from this mark of the beast, but there may be temporary solutions to extend one’s life after such a stupid move. However, don’t expect these people to make it into the next dimension (which is 4D by the way, not 5D for those who think they are ascended masters just by reading Q posts and decoding tweets or making memes of Nancy Pelosi, over and over and over and over again. A whole other topic for a whole other post).

Will justice ever be served?

Yes! You can bet that Supernatural Justice! is in progress.

However, you can’t advertise your plans or tell anyone what is going on when you are trying to take down a worldwide criminal organization. You have to keep your plans as dark as night, and when you fall, you fall like a thunderbolt!

You think these bad boys are gonna be parading around on floats in Pedowood before they tear down the doors of this sick blood drinking freaks?


There are so many mind blowing details to this operation that no one will truly ever know.

But you can rest assured that It’s Going To Be Biblical.

The best part is that ARRESTS ARE HABBENING and they will come with absolutely No Vaseline.

Judgement Is Coming, Pedowood and this third arm of the Clowns In America will soon be splintered into A Thousand Pieces.

So hang in there and Trust Each Other. Their matrix is breaking down.

Patriots in control!

🇺🇸 ⚖️ 🇺🇸


Thank you Brian! 💥😂

Via Donnie, f you haven’t already figured it out, many main players are dead You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿


Via Ron & Rachel, Belgium must lift ‘all Covid-19 measures’ within 30 days, Brussels court rules

Via Ben Kostka 7 Best Natural Remedies for Lymph Detox – Microbe Formulas™

Via Alan Fountain, You Are Watching A Movie Simulation Entitled: TRUMP TZU WARFARE & THE LIBERATION OF HUMANITY, from a Satanic Pedo Ring & Child Trafficking Death Cult.


From Dr. Stella on Telegram👇🏼(make sure to review my article called The Parasitic Invasion)

As we fight this evil we need to be protected. Everyone needs to get on their Sunday Sunday medicine.

We don’t want to resist and get sick. There will be releasing more and more viruses to scare the resistance. So be safe. To get the point across I’m going to do a dance. Lol. Share share please.

You can find Dr. Stella on her website at

Why we come to earth and how earth is a reptilian prison planet


From Brian.


California Poppy


A patriot original! Via Ron & Rachel this is a CLASSIC!


Via Selcuk 😂😭🤣 Idiots!

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  1. Hey Dilara! I miss you on Twitter (which really sucks since they booted all the greats) so it was just great to see you on Linda’s show. I hope to see you on there again very soon. Blessings to you and yours!

  2. Hello Dilara Esengil. I followed you on twitter. It was so spiritually uplifting to know
    that California had reversed the tide. I know that state went red before the DE – Demented
    Entity falsely took on the role for the ‘ show. ‘ I really appreciate all your time, effort and
    energy you expend to bring information and hope to the world. You take care. And
    enjoy your vacay time off and birthday next week. Namaste and WWG1WGA.

  3. Hello Dilara. I just discovered you today. I saw your interview with Linda Paris. I was spellbound! I was also giddy as I read this blog post. I love your writing style and wit. You articulated my feelings exactly! I’m looking forward to seeing and reading more from you.

  4. Absolutely LOVED this! No fluffy BS just the bare naked, nasty truth! No more mr. nice guy, as if there was ever one tho. Keep up the terrific work Dilara!

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