Red Pill 101: The Do’s and Dont’s of The Great Awakening

Have you tried to tell someone what is really going on and they are doing this?

See, Hear, Speak No Evil, Carved Monkies

Have you experienced negativity, backlash, and even hatred from another human being that you never thought would react in such a way to the truth?

You’re not alone, patriots.

In fact, if you haven’t experienced any of these reactions, you’re most likely doing something wrong.

Telling someone something they may not be ready or willing to hear can be, to say the least, painful for them. Sadly, it’s more painful for you, as you are the one with the slice of  knowledge, and they are the ones who are being misled.

There is truly nothing worse than being persecuted for the downright truth.

Jesus is the shining example of what was done to a man who was nailed to a cross and killed for telling people the truth.


Many people in this country have become so separated from God by design, that faith has taken a backseat to lies.

This creates a lack of ability to grasp truths and misguidance in the lives of those who have rejected and strayed from the notion of our Heavenly Father. I have noticed that when talking with folks that are nay sayers and atheists, the conversation is a very short one. Mostly, they are unable to fathom the extent of God’s power, and similarly, they are also unable to grasp the realities of the dark disgust that has been operating right before our very eyes in every part of our society.

Regardless of one’s faith, there are three things that cannot be hidden, according to Buddha:


So you have a few choices for the people that are resistant to knowing what is really going on.

First and foremost, the way to get someone interested in what is going on, is not to try and convince them of facts, places, people or things. It is best to ask them questions about their belief systems. Find out if they are a person of faith. If they are not, your job is most likely (but not all the time) going to be harder. If they are (as most people are), you should begin by asking them simple questions to test their awareness of what the Great Awakening has to offer.

Don’t go straight to the gallows and hit them over the head with the darkest, most grotesque and gory details you have just learned. Instead, start off with something like the amount of crime in the world. Ask them if they understand, for example, what human trafficking is, or better yet, how they feel about pedophiles. Most people (unless they are a pedophile themselves), do not like pedophiles. This is even true in prisons where pedophiles are usually removed and protected from the other inmates due to the fact that well, most inmates also don’t like pedophiles. My years of work in the legal and prison systems have taught me that the one person who usually won’t last that long in an incarceration setting is simply, baby rapers and sickos that even the worst non pedophile criminals do not want on their block.

If you want to take a different approach, ask them if they know anyone that has been the victim of such crimes. Most people do and many people have actually been victims or close to victims themselves.

Give people crumbs, not a whole loaf. Remember, this is why Q says, “crumbs are easy to swallow.” Trial attorneys understand this process quit well. You don’t just walk into a courtroom, and tell the jury that the defendant is guilty and ask them for a verdict. You build a case, paint a picture, explain facts, present your argument, get the jury familiar with the environment and circumstances that led this person to commit a crime. A good attorney knows that the way in which you present your case is just as important as the facts that you are presenting.

Let people do their own thinking. It’s not your job to think for them.

Another great way to open people’s eyes is to ask them a simple question like, “Do you think it’s possible that a local priest, celebrity or political figure could be engaged in pedophelia or human trafficking?” Phrasing your questions to raise the awareness of others is key. There is a big difference between telling someone a fact, and asking them a question that are forced to answer or at least walk away and think about.

And what if they walk away from your questions as they may feel uncomfortable?


That means you have planted a seed, and your words have traveled from your vocal cords to their auditory perception and cannot be erased.

Let them go home and think about it. Let the seed take roots in their mind, and grow (or not) at its own rate. Everyone is different and everyone absorbs information differently.

In fact, if you can tell them to do their own research, and dig around for answers, that is even better.

And if they ask you how they can do that, engage them in a long term conversation by offering them your email, or social media links so that you can readily point them to good resources when they are ready and willing to come to you. You can refer them to your favorite resources on the spot if they are not willing to engage in a long term conversation.

Ready and wiling are the key ingredients to the awakening of every individual.

Those that are ready to learn, will learn.

Those that are not, will burn in the fire of lies should they choose to stick their heads in the sand until a truth bomb explodes their psyche.


Finally, if all else has failed, you can just ignore them and trust that eventually, they will be forced to hear the uncomfortable truths they are currently running from. If they are rejecting what you put in front of their face, move on. They will have to fend for themselves.

The one thing to remember is everyone who is sane wants to know the truth.

And eventually, if they do not want to partake in the Great Awakening, there is always the next big movement that is coming that’s not going to be as palatable.


And no one wants to be a part of the Rude Awakening.

But the choice to know, will be their’s.

Godspeed patriots!


Copyright 2019 Dilara Esengil, All Rights Reserved

(Images are not property of the author)

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  1. Very helpful info. I have tried this with my son. He is an Intellectual Property attorney. He is a die hard Bernie bot, Trump hater, as are his friends. His friends are all educated and intelligent. My son thinks that I am a gullible dope. We raised him in a Christian environment, going to church, etc. Recently, he told me that he doesn’t believe in the Devil. This stopped me in my tracks because I cannot comprehend how someone can be a Christian and not believe in the Devil. I tried to introduce my son to Q two yrs. ago when Q first posted, thinking that he, being a problem solver, critical thinker, and someone who likes puzzles, would be fascinated with Q, the way I have been. The opposite occurred and he ridiculed Q and me for believing in such nonsense. But then he sends me e-mails quoting MSM nonsense. I tried to tell him about Project Mockingbird and to look it up. He responded by saying that he didn’t appreciated me giving him homework.
    My heart is sad because my son and I used to be really close and now I feel as if we have drifted apart.
    Any suggestions? I tried to message you via twitter but couldn’t. Said messaging wasn’t allowed. I am @Chgogirl3

  2. Great information!!! ThankQ for your tireless research in getting the truth out. Much appreciated 🙏❤️

  3. I woke to most of the sick corruption around 1997. Since then I have been trying to wake up others. I have given “crumbs” to all of my family members for years. As I have watched the world only grow more corrupt I have grown angrier at the willful blindness of others. Part of the reason I believe things have gotten so bad is that people are so willfully blind.

    It sickens me that people do not want to see the truth and are willing to stay asleep even when ample information is presented to them again and again. I have exhausted myself over the years trying to wake people up. I am done.

    Most of my family took the vaccines even after my years of sending them information on the dangers of vaccines having known many vaccine-damaged people/children. I talked to them extensively about these Covid “vaccines”. But they trusted Satanic MSM more. I have done years of research. They are lazy and do not. They have no respect for what I have done to try and help them/save them.

    It seems that those that stay asleep are programmed for their own demise. Maybe they are. I am done wasting my life trying to help others see what they are unwilling to see. I can only pray that something BIG happens like a mass media shutdown and the Emergency Broadcast Message to help people like us that have tried so hard to wake people up but have been unsuccessful. I hope this “Rude Awakening” comes soon. It is LONG overdue. I don’t care if people lose their minds over it anymore. They had their chance to see but refused out of laziness. I feel people don’t want to see the truth because it means to them they have to take action. For them, it is easier to do nothing and live in blissful ignorance and stay within the boundaries of their comfortable lives. Willful ignorance is evil because it helps evil to grow to the monstrous proportions that it has. The sleepers are complicit in all of this evil due to their willful blindness.

    I have faith that God will do something dramatic to wake the rest up or they will be left behind.

      • Thanks, Dilara. I found you through Linda’s channel. You two are amazing together and I have shared it many times. You bring incredible light, fun, and laughter to this darkness. I so much enjoy Linda and her channel but your presence there has amplified it even more. I hope you two continue doing videos together. Thank you so much for all you are doing to wake people up and keep the humor going which is not at all easy to do. You say very much what I feel most of the time. We are all exasperated by the asleep dum-dums and the absurdity and sickness of these demons. One thing I have learned in facing these demons head-on is that they cannot handle being made fun of. It takes all their power away. Then run like cowards from it. And I have seen them just as you two have: Face to face. They are beyond ugly and evil and no, they are nothing like us. I am looking so forward to seeing what the future holds without their twisted backward manipulation of the public. Much love to you!

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