How Do You Make People Aware of An Alternate Reality?

Crumbs are easy to swallow.

But not for all!

The Truth Is Not For Everyone.

You really can’t help them at this point. You just have to step back and let people learn on their own. Enough information is out there and everything we are watching is optics. I feel like a broken record!

And on that note, everything you need to know up to now that is not disinformation, shillinformation, or paytriot funded fkkkry is here. Anons have worked their asses off to provide you with what you need to know.

Here it is in a nutshell, with the bandaid ripped off:

We are not alone in the universe.

Your entire world and learning and life has been controlled by an evil demonic presence.

All of our systems have been infiltrated and you have been programmed in every aspect of your life.

It’s way overdue for you to unplug.

We tried to deliver it to you nicely in crumbs. So go back and read this blog from the beginning. There is days and weeks worth of homework to do if you have just begun.

If you leave hateful comments, guess what moron? This isn’t Twitter and I can control your hate by deleting it.

If your ego is too big to accept the realities, you’re already dead. Go get your jab and free donuts.

Realize that this is a spiritual battle that has been spelled out in Ephesians 6:12

Don’t know what that is?

That’s a problem right there.

Especially since you have an electronic device where you can look stuff up, the same one you are using right now to read this.

If you don’t get it, you have very little time left to figure it out.

If you are simply rejecting the knowledge, then you’re the rock that’s sinking the ship around you. Most of us aren’t gonna let you grab on to our ankles so we can drown with you. The life vest, the inner tube, and the lifeboat are within your reach. Use it or lose it. The next ship aint’ coming’ and if you don’t know how to swim, you’re done.

Finally, this is not meant as in insult to most of the people reading this blog. Most of this wonderful audience has been and is awake enough to see pieces of the alternate reality that has been slowly leaked. If you need more information, go to Linda Paris’s channel (see her latest in the videos section below). She is the only one that has been putting the truth out there regularly without a filter. Most other channels dance around the vril and archon alien presence so they don’t lose their followers or money. Fk them.

It’s now or never.

Learn or burn.

The Choice To Know Will Be Yours

The next week, starting tomorrow, we will be taking time to review what we have been trying to show you all along from the very beginning.

Enjoy the show!

🎥 🍿 🎥 🍿


The Stage Is Set

Are We There Yet?

This man is telling you the truth, read more about him in The Real Life Mulder 🛸 and A Thousand Pieces

Via Ron & Rachel
Thanks Study!

A message from Dr. Stella on Telegram (Follow her at

THE CULLING OF THE HUMAN RACE PART 2: Altering DNA – Luciferase Biogel – Implantable Biochip to be Tracked by 5G Technology- It Isn’t a Conspiracy Theory When They Are Openly Telling You What They Want To Do


What is happening in the matrix hospitals

Via Ron & Rachel

What’s In Your Food?

Via Selcuk

BitCoin – Who made it? BTC is going away. Black magic money.

Via Ron & Rachel


Via Lin Wood:

How does one stay calm and determined in the face  of so many difficult and demanding battles, including the battles for our country, our freedom, and our personal reputations?

Trust God. 

We are on the victory side. 

“The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.”

– Exodus 14:14


Santa Cruz, California by MM


Today’s Meme Gallery

By MM 🤣

Bill’s Hall of Infamemes

Fine Art by Bill – Follow him on GAB: @swellbs 🤣


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~ Dilara 04.07.21

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  1. Isn’t it amazing? In the age of information, nobody has any information, just indoctrination.
    And yeah, I remember Kruschev. Scary words that came true.

  2. Dilara,

    I can’t tell you how much I look forward to your posts every day. I’m on the east coast so I get many of them in the extreme early morning. I’ve actually started waking up at 2 to 2:30 in the morning for a while now. I think it’s because subconsciously I’m wanting to read what you have to say. I followed you on Twitter and now I’m on Gab…. which I’m not crazy about but it’s still info.

    Anyway thank you for what you do. I listened to the Snarkiest video and thoroughly enjoyed it but I wanted to hear more of what you had to say. So many interviewers interrupt and it drives me nuts but that’s just me.

    Thank you again for taking the time to do the blog. I am so grateful that I subscribed when I did back in the Twitter days.



    Shan Chandler Anderson SC

    • Hi Shan. Thank you for writing to me here and finding me again. I knew this day would come and frankly, though I miss being on Twitter only for the quickness of delivery of info, Gen Flynn and Potus not being there makes it not worthy. I am grateful for your support and friendship. Stay the course! We are in for a terrific journey! God bless you! 🙏🏼♥️🇺🇸⚖️

  3. Come, my beautiful love….Your summer will always be with me, for eternity, my darling….I love you, honey, with all of my heart…..Sweet dreams, angel….xoxoxo

  4. Hi Dilara, I have followed Linda Paris for a long time now. I just watched you two together…wow, just wow 😳, great video!. I wanted to know more and had to follow your blog… funny thing is I’ve never followed anyone’s blog before, until now. I look forward to poking around your blog seeing if there is information I don’t know yet!

  5. So wonderful to find you after being kicked off Twitter!
    Great post. All true. I think you would enjoy Elena Danaan on YouTube. Talk about disclosure. She is connected to the Galactic Federation and they are helping to free humanity. Her book is a must read. Food for my soul.

  6. Dilara, in reference to your new Telegram post featuring Blue ice/Sky ice, are you familiar with George Raynor’s famous 1920s photograph of Dome Argus in Antarctica? If you do a duckduckgo search on Dome Argus, you will see the black-and-white 1304-pixel wide-angle shot he took of the 13,000ft dome. Enlarge it to full size and study the “sky” behind the Dome. There is an Australian website devoted to Raynor’s photos and exploration of Antarctica, including this shot. Best wishes!

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