Be Careful Who You Follow

Shills and disinformation are abound in the Great Awakening movement.

So many “patriots” were employed, literally, by their masters (the three letter agencies and friends) to gain your trust and then drop disinformation into your inquiring brain.

Q warned us from the very beginning about these posers.

They are here to infiltrate, repackage and rebrand as their own profit vehicle.”

To destroy through [misinformation].

Absorb the ‘confused’.

Be careful who you follow.

We have been watching this happen since the beginning of the movement. Large accounts with big followings get you hooked on their shticks and daily delivery of info (did you know that many of them paid for followers through company credit cards to make you think many were following them?).

Suddenly, these shillfags all became a network of bullies who support, defend, and even fight with each other. A very real and dark subculture of the anon movement, designed to infiltrate and subvert The Truth, And Nothing But., these assets (for that is truly what they are: low level payees of the deep state) are in a battle for your mind.

What Are You Going To Believe?

As our mainstream news media falls apart, even the most programmed will eventually have to seek out their news in alternative media sources. But it is important to realize that even this alternative world is infiltrated by the same masters, with the same mission: to control your mind and create division.

People always ask what the best ways are to spot these truth manipulators?

Personally, I have an extensive background in liars, spooks, and famefags so it is a little easier for me than it is for most people. However, there are some tell tale signs of shillery. One obvious clue are those who charge for their information. Donations are one thing, but pushy money demands are a dead giveaway.

Additionally, people who are pushing truth along side their real agenda (like their business, or their failed music, acting or political career) are not purely here for truth, but their underlying motives are purely profit.

My best advice to truth seekers looking to weed out the shillfags is to trust your instincts. If you lack discernment, work on developing it. And ask other patriots (with keen discernment) to guide you in the right direction.

After all, these are just annoying extensions of the parasitic entities that are in a war for your mind. Sheep No More!

Once upon a Twativerse, I was sickened by the number of shitty music wannabes and gag worthy actors who never had a chance for lack of talent who took to the Q movement to push their failed careers. Idiots. We saw fake preachers, pedo pastors, and all sorts of other douchefaganons take to the digital airwaves to stroke their broken egos and sad songs.

You want people who are telling you the truth, with nothing else to offer. Like Linda Paris, like John De Souza, like General Flynn, Cathy O-Brien, and the names in this movement that will outlast the deep state playbook.

Identifying and avoiding shills and disfino is a full time job. You can never let your guard down. These people have minions who have minions who have minions Their rabbit hole of lies, trickery and infiltration is endless. B

But eventually, they all show their true colors. They may deliver steady truths and good info for even years, and suddenly, they tell you that the moon, your children, and even your own hand isn’t real. Some will even turn against Potus openly. But they all eventually give themselves away.

But there is good news: many of these bad players are now under various degress of White Hat control. Ass-ets like Alex Jones and Ho Rogan are great example of why The Military Is In Control!

Remember when General Flynn went on the fat shill Alex Jones show and did and interview? Are you realizing the way comms work? Everything has meaning and You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿.

So remember to always do your own research and don’t subscribe to just one narrative.

Stay The Course and stay away from crazies.

God bless you patriots!


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~ Dilara 07.13.2021

You can follow me on GAB: @DilaraEsengil or Twitter @EsengilDilara (my old account is suspended #StayTheCourse: Twitter Suspension) but I’m mostly here on the blog. ♥️

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  1. For what it’s worth, an excellent and insightful piece of work, Dilara. A lot of wisdom espoused here. Well done!

  2. Thank you , I watch and enjoy your & Linda faithfully. You 2 are who I can trust. Keep up the amazing info, it is much needed.

  3. After dealing with a couple of incidents that had me considering just picking up my Marbles, excusing myself with a polite FU and walking away, to remove any sort of “Plan” from my memory. I prayed to Father God to ask him if He Approved of my in essence Quitting ….His answer placed on my heart was very clear and almost immediate. It was “Serve Your Purpose, not your desire. Don’t waste time, Everyone’s an operative. Always. ……Trust me only” Father Gods Way of saying Be careful who You follow! And that’s what I’ve done and will continue you do……Ciao!

  4. Boy, I thought the gatekeepers (remember the Gatekeepers?)were the worst but now there are more shills than ever! We must be closing in on the Target!!!

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