The Pedovirus

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Many people are confused about the COVID “pandemic”.

We have found ourselves in a “quarantine”. We hear about all these “ventilators” that are necessary. We need more masks. Yet the hospitals are empty.

What is really going on?

Although I do not have all the answers (no one but God does!), I am going to focus on the information I have gathered from secure sources and a few public ones about what’s really happening.

Yes, there is a virus that is a normal flu and not a nice one. (What flu is nice anyway?!)

Yes, many people have had it and may catch it … BUT it doesn’t flat out kill everyone.

This virus is called COVID 19.

People who have pre-existing conditions (asthma, cancer, auto immune issues, very elderly folks that are NOT in good health and babies with undeveloped immune systems, etc.) are the ones likely to suffer complications just like any other flu.

#DoYourOwnResearch and see how many colds and flus killed people in previous years. The real numbers for COVID 19 are not as bad! The media is lying.


The hospitals are empty.

The fake news is in full force showing us crisis actors and all sorts of lies, creating FEAR and panic. That is what they feed off of: ENERGY. If you start acting in FEAR, they’ve GOT YOU.


Here are some photographs of the same people in different #FakeNews stories about COVID. Things that make you go hmmm.




Just like #FalseFlags, just like #MandingoMike (look it up on Twitter if you are missing it), just like everything satanic, everything is a LIE.


But why?

Why would they do this?

Blood sacrifice.

They feed off our energy, our blood, and our meat (#Cannibalgate).

They need for us to die in VAST numbers in order for them to survive.

These people who rape and eat us ARE the invisible enemy! This story goes back all the way to ancient times and bloodlines. The heretics who left Babylon and rebelled against their own who worshipped the God of the Old Testament engaged in the Black Magic rituals of Satanic Luciferiansim and offered up all of humanity to their overlord Baal (Satan) for their reign here on earth.

Sound insane?

It is!


They are dying from lack of #Adrenachrome. Don’t know what that is? Look it up. Go to Twitter and type that in.


The cabal has been supplying this blood of humanity to what they mistakenly call (themselves) the elite.


These creatures are not anywhere near elite. These are monsters, beasts, soul-less demons with vile disgusting transhuman genetics. They are altered and shaped and sometimes even grown in underground labs funded by the See Aye A, M eye 6, and much much more. Don’t believe me?

Read on.

If you have not yet read my previous two articles (Saving The Children and Blood Currency) please take a moment and do so after you read this article. The information will help you better understand the sick psychology behind the creation of this pandemic.

They hate us.

They refer to us as sheep and use other derogatory words. We are human “meat suites” in their terminology.

That is why you are seeing the big divide.

They also hate our beloved President Trump because he and Q Team are successfully, by God’s direction and grace destroying, decimating and eradicating these sick POS’s out of this dimension. IN JESUS NAME, AMEN! 

This is what it looks like when these creatures start running out of their blood supply.




Monsters. Nasty. Vile cretin. All of them.

How is adrenachrome related to COVID?

Let’s start with Bill Gates.

Gates, top level Luciferian scum is part of the “club”. To put it in a nutshell, he funded the creation of the COVID virus as a means to create a blood sacrifice as described in Jim Nichols’ film, Atlantis Rising, detailed in my referenced article, Blood Currency.

They need our blood to survive and now their supply has been cut off.

Here is a great tweet that explains more about this dirtbag demon:

Potus knows.


So how does the virus work?

Well, initially the cabal intended to use COVID against we the people but the plan backfired.

China was where they tested this bio weapon. The virus (and any virus) is activated by frequencies like 5G. The people the Fake News showed dying in China and falling on the street were not dying of a virus but of the 5G technology that is programmed to kill. Of course, China sells out their own people constantly as they are property of the CCP.

(I wish the USA would stop buying anything from a communist country.)

This doesn’t mean that all 5G kills, but it can. More on this topic about frequencies and so forth in an upcoming article. For the sake of this article, let us conclude that any frequency can be programmed to be a cure or to infect human cells.

Frequencies can activate or deactivate viral infections. What the Chinese CCP did is to use the bad frequencies to kill their own people. Sick. Just sick.


Communism = Cabal = Demonrats = Luciferians. All the same shit show, same agenda.

Blood sacrifice.

The photos of people literally dropping on the streets of China, staged or not, causes more FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). Fear is the best way a criminal organization controls the population.


Meanwhile, these deep state players will be pushing vaccines, tests and all sorts of cabal agendas. They are also one of them:

Birx. Liddle Fauci and friends.


Yes, Pence is dirty too, but we need to move on from that topic to be later discussed.

Want to see the connections between Fauci, Birx and Deep State Gates?

Potus knows. 😂

Messages Image(3365407419)

Here is another juicy tidbit – like mother like daughter. Check out what Witch Birx’s daughter does for a living. My oh my…


Looks like the cat is out of the bag. Scarf lady and her spawn are EXPOSED. This thing doesn’t even look human. I wouldn’t be surprised if this person is a genetically modified inversion.

So COVID 19 is a flu. A normal, nasty flu.

But then there is COVID 17 which is not being talked about much, otherwise know as the #Pedovirus.

COVID 17 was created by the same cabal players in 2017 and is much more lethal than the current COVID 19 strain. The spread of COVID 17 was stopped by the White Hats and guess what? The adrenachrome supply of the cabal was tainted with their very own virus – COVID 17! CHECKMATE! All the pedophiles who eat human flesh, all the shitty celebrities and politicians who have sold their souls or the ones who are not human and grown in underground labs have had the tainted COVID 17 and that is why you are seeing a pandemic.

These beasts are the pandemic.

So anyone and everyone (we know who they all are) who enjoys drinking human blood, eats our babies and us, and gets off on the blood sacrifice of the human race is now infected with their own bio weapon! EPIC BOOM! 💥

I wouldn’t be surprised if their viral infections can be activated by frequency generators in the hands of the white hats that will literally make them self destruct.

They are scared. ⚖️


Their jig is up.

They now all have the virus, the COVID 17.

And you know what the cure is?


Our awakening is their biggest fear!

If you know about their secrets and exploit them, they can no longer operate. Hence the Great Awakening!

So what can you do to help humanity?

Tell others. 

Don’t shake people up, wake people up.

My article called Red Pill 101: The Do’s and Don’ts of The Great Awakening can give you some assistance in helping your fellow human beings. Remember: if someone does not want to wake up, move on. The right people will find you and ask questions. That is your cue to tell the truth.

What did Jesus say?

The truth shall set you free.


This doesn’t mean you can ignore the safety measures that Potus has recommended. It’s generally good to practice good hygiene.


Before the Coronavirus became a thing, I used to get annoyed at people in the grocery stores or at public service jobs who would just show up to work or go out to shop with the regular flu. So thoughtless and selfish! This goes for employers too who don’t give their employees time off when they are sick. It’s disrespectful of human life, of others. And now look: its a requirement.

Maybe the non pedo version of COVID (19) will wake people up to be more aware, more considerate of others. Not just now, but in the future days of humanity.

If you’re sick, stay at home.

No one wants your cold, your snot rags, or your cough.

So stay safe, stay informed, pass this on and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for (almost) daily updates during this amazing time in human history. This blog is not monetized and it will never be in an effort to spread the truth without pay-triotism.

As Potus promised, we will emerge from this pandemic stronger and better than ever.

Promises made, promises kept.

God bless you Donald J. Trump for standing up to a global galactic crime syndicate who has been trafficking, raping and eating the human race.

Surely their time is up, but we still have a little more ways to go.


Stay tuned, pray, and enjoy the show!


Text Copyright 2020 Dilara Esengil, All Rights Reserved

Images and video and tweets in this article are not property of the author.

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  1. Truth!! Today, I found a gem account on Twit ter. Good info = [at] TempHuman1. Great Pho tos. Kindred spirit. Tip: Twi ter updated terms. Cover ur device camera and sound, they can look/listen. I have prayed for you today, Dilara; God put you on my ❤ . 4 10 20

  2. Dilara, your work is outstanding. You are a fountain of knowledge. Appreciate all you have done to wake us up. Thank you 🙏

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