He’s Still Your President


Donald J. Trump is still your President.

And he will be for, well, possibly more than four years.


The presidential race was won even before we arrived at November 3, 2020. The minds of many Americans were already made up before anyone checked the box for President of the United States of America.


Trump supporters were a given, but the rest of America turned to our great Potus when they saw paid thugs and moronic basement dwelling soy boy betas set fire to and destroy their cities. All under the Soros payroll, of course. (Don’t worry, all financial transactions are being tracked and every single one of them will pay dearly, and how!).

The election was a landslide for Trump.

Americans and many in the rest of the world are fed the f*ck up. People have had it. And all of this needed to happen for Americans to realize that they had become too complacent in their political choices of past.

It’s good that people are pissed off.

It makes them seek answers and wake up faster.

Fake election results are being reported by MSM and Big Tech.

Biden didn’t win anything. Not even a prize at the bottom of an expired Cracker Jack box.

Stop worrying. This has been part of the plan all along to expose the election fraud to the sleeping American public.

How else were millions of Americans going to become aware of their lies and corruption?

You have to show them.

In fact, many of our elections have been rigged for a long time. The cabal had taken control of our voting system many years ago, way before DJT became the people’s President. They have been stealing our votes, money and our children. Learn more about this by reading Blood Currency.

You are about to witness the epic meltdown of a whole society of people who refuse to unplug and WTF up. Coming to a household near you (or yours).


This global lizard criminal non-elite organization has been stealing, cheating, murd3ring, raping and lying for much longer than we have realized. They stole votes, created fake mail-in ballot scams, and a bunch of paid shitstains filled out ballots for Biden while destroying real ones for Potus. Ballots have been found in dumpsters, roadside, and in landfills. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hunter is rolling one up right now and snorting coke off of some ten year old trafficked girl per his father’s orders.

Stolen ballots are just the tip of the iceberg.

What are they hiding? Why the desperation?


I am going to post a bunch of images here that may look like they are unreadable but this is the only way this article will survive the total Big Tech (with little dicks) censorship.

I was put in Twitter jail for posting some of this content by Jack Rothschild Dorsey. Sick vile vermin.

Here you go, have a look for yourself๐Ÿ‘‡

Messages_Image(1218026578)For sharing truth. Truth is the most dangerous thing to pedophiles and cannibals. 

Why? Because it exposes them!


Pedo Jack doesn’t want this tweet to be seen. His overlords are pulling his strings. Censorship is not what a free society is built upon. No matter what the opinion. And when it comes to our President being censored? I don’t even think it will matter since TREASON will carry a much heavier sentence (death) when Uncle RICO steps in and handles these sickos. 

Just ask Rudy. He knows. And he’s rightfully pissed. 

Tune in to listen to him here on his channel, not on MSM:


But in the meantime, have a look. Is this the thought control you voted for?


Posting about fraudulent mail-in ballots (a scam by them to replace our votes with their fake ones) is what got me in trouble for posting๐Ÿ‘‡


But guess what?

The whole thing was a TRAP!



The entire election was being watched by the White Hats the whole time. There is alot of information on Twitter that you can peruse from anons. Thread after thread about what really is going on. Here are a few I found useful, but I recommend everyone does their own research. Use discernment. Watch who you follow.

Not only were the real ballots watermarked, but this operation is way deeper and more intelligent than rats running rodent infested election fraud.

Here are some posts that will help you understand what is going on even more๐Ÿ‘‡


This thread describes what was happening while fake ballots were being cast by the sick pedo cannibal crew:

A big surprise will come from California, my home state where the media portrays us as insane radicals. Not true! Take a read here about our golden state:

Things are about to change.

People are about to lose their minds. Some already have.

My favorite part of this process, believe it or not, is seeing the idiots celebrate fake results. And knowing what comes next for them. Their cries and melt-downs can’t come soon enough once the the truth is revealed.


And don’t worry about any more riots, or violence once the truth is revealed. Why? Because these badasses are everywhere. You may not be able to see them, but they are waiting, all across the country. And they won’t tolerate any bullshit.



I am writing this article out of sheer frustration of the hundreds of people who have been contacting me, thinking they deserve some sort of personal narrative. I am no authority on politics. In fact, I hate politics and politicians. I am fierce advocate of the truth under God Almighty and nothing but.


MESSAGES IMAGE(1485830334)

Stop letting other people do your thinking for you. If you lack intuition, spend some time alone and pray. Sit in silence. Meditate. Here are some wise words from a yogi that you may find useful.

Own a cell phone? Use it. Get on social media where everyone it talking. Go to Twitter. It is, after all, where Potus is dropping all the hints and tweets for anons and everyone who has the will to understand what is really going on. If you are not on Twitter, you are missing out on important information. Facebook and Instagram are okay, but Twitter is the hot battleground.


Information is power. Especially in the digital battlefield for your mind. If you have the wrong information you are doomed. Go get a shovel and start digging. Make sure the hole is at least six feet deep.

Your sources are everything.

Would you ever drink water out of a well you knew was poisoned? You wouldn’t make it very far.

Survival of the fittest.

Still watching MSM? Dear God, help you. All you are doing is poisoning your own brain. It’s the worst drug. Get off of it. And if you don’t? Good luck with that.


The problem with most people is that they have been glued in and programmed to their television and MSM for decades. And they just can’t seem to stop. Fox, MSNBC and all those cabal controlled crap channels are owned and operated by the same shitshow people. Unplugging is your only chance at freeing your brain. For many, its simply too late. They can’t and won’t unplug. Too bad for them.

I wrote an article a few years ago explaining how to and more importantly why to unplug, called The New, Unprogrammed You.

Alot of people are confused, angry, upset and just letting their emotions take over their logic. That’s what dark side wants: your confusion and lack of thinking for yourself – your being awake is their biggest fear. Keep watching MSM and you’re playing right into the enemy’s hands. You will never wake up if you keep tuning in to their programming.

Many anons know what is going on. All you have to do is jump on Twitter and look in the right places.


Start by following General Flynn. Our beloved General has been active lately and is speaking to his #DigitalArmy, telling us with clarity what is going on. There are many citizen journalists that have selflessly taken to the digital domain to help the public realize what is going. You too can and should join the movement. In fact, it is your duty as an American citizen to defend the Constitution of the United States. Here is your chance. Step up. I encourage every patriot who is awakened to speak up. Every voice matters. Not one is above the other.

Follow smaller accounts that are speaking truth. They usually have no agenda. If you are confused who to follow, go to my Twitter page and follow those that I retweet. I stay away from shills, controlled opposition, and egomaniacs. Stick to pure people who work selflessly day and night.

[Aside: be careful of the #PAYtriots who have taken to give you information for profit. Their agenda is not truth but money. And we all know that you cannot serve God and money at the same time. If someone has a patreon account and is asking for donations, I move on from them and block most of these people. They are not the sources I trust. No.]


In the meantime, let’s get back to what we are dealing with right now: a fraudulent media controlled election. It’s a war for your mind. If you haven’t figured this out yet, you need to really get it!


What Are You Going To Believe? is an article I wrote some time ago explaining the media mind control. Get with it. Learn about what they are doing to you. Better late than never. 

This election is #NotJustAnotherFourYearElection. 

There is alot more to that statement than I can dive into in this article. The purpose of this article is to calm those down who are completely lost and panicking. And to help you help those (that can and are willing to be helped) around you.

Besides unplugging from satan’s shitshow media, the very thing you need to do now is TRUST GOD! Ye of little faith! 


A pastor once told me that you cannot have faith 99% of the time. Seek and ye shall find but let your heart and mind be filled only with our Heavenly Father God Almighty and the teachings of our beautiful Lord Jesus Christ!

Messages Image(4171747016)

Now here comes an even bigger problem: people who have not been paying attention. They will be coming to you with a gazillion questions as well as their emotional baggage. Throw it out the door. Point them to Twitter. Tell them to make an account and read. Send them this article. Maybe it will help them. There are alot of resources out there that are useful. If you are reading this, you have at least some insight as to where to direct people.

And fod God’s sake, tell them to stop watching ANYTHING MSM!

Qg6u2UTk.jpg-medium copy

Although it is our duty to help guide those who seek information, do not go offering information to those who do not ask for it!

Conserve your energy! Stay away from FEAR mongers!


Keep the temple of your mind positive. Don’t look at any negative news. Don’t talk with negative people, especially during this very crucial time. Keep your mind on positive thoughts, talk to each other.


Whatever you and all of us think will become the reality. Think positive thoughts. Think of the future that God has planned for us. 


Remember what the General said:

Messages Image(3342322377)

Trust each other. Aons, patriots, digital soldiers this means you

Why would anyone go to so much trouble to steal an election? 

Here is a good place to get started if you are new to the #GreatAwakening:

Potus is working for the people, for God. The entire operation is designed to free humanity from slavery.  But in the end, only you can save yourself. You cannot free someone’s mind for them. They have to do it. 


Meanwhile, let the enemy keep digging their graves. 


Vengeance shall be His!


Expect epic meltdowns as we get to see the demise of these demons. I expect arrests and more arrests to follow.

Soon, we will be celebrating so be patient, and stay away from negativity! Do not subscribe to any narrative but God’s! Soon, America will be a republic. I posted this in my last article called Restoration of The Republic.

God bless America. 

God bless you. 

God bless all of those who are lost and full of hate. May God bring them closer to Him and fill their lives with love and grace. Amen. 

And as for Lyin’ Biden, the ho and his puppet masters? 


God wins. 

Congratulations President Trump!

Congratulations patriots!

Keep fighting, keep talking, keep WINNING!


~ Copyright 2020 Dilara Esengil, All Rights Reserved

*Images not property of Author 

**If anything in this article is confusing to you, please, again do your own research and trust the plan! I will not be answering any personal questions.

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  1. Another great article with great advice dealing with the friends and family that don’t do any of their own research but when they ASK you for info, reject it because Fox News told them something that doesn’t fit what your saying.

  2. Thanks very much. Yes, I screw up once in a while, but I owe up and correct it! I really only got into this on the tail end of my Mom’s passing and then off work for a bit. Was just going back when Oil went to heck and Cov hit. So I dug into everything (multiple subjects) from both sides to find truth. Scared the hell out of me so I’ve been trying to reach out in gentle ways to everyone I know. The brainwashing is frightening. But, I am pretty well informed for the most part. Found good sites that were well researched and truthful. And I realized he set them up, it was incredible. Follow Q! Lol So, I’m convinced and believe God wins. I love Trump for what he and his family and so many others have endured. This evil needs to be exposed. Maybe it sounds weird, but I have always felt like I have to serve as Witness for this…..as in witness for God. And I can be there to help whomever I can, tho I am thinking that has to be done with some tact. I love your big smile and spirit! We are moving to Greatness for all mankind. So, I just wanted to thank you very much. God bless you and yours!

  3. Wowza!!!! What a fantastic article!! This will definitely be one of my go-to pieces to fight the information warfare. So many of supposed Trump Patriots have already thrown in the towel because of MSM mind control. The fight continues!!! Thank you, thank you!!! God bless!!

  4. this is definitely compelling. i can’t lie i am getting a bit nervous as i’ve really put all my eggs in the Q basket. If for some reason over the next few weeks we don’t start seeing people arrested and the election overturned, I am going to look like a big fool as I’ve been passionately warning people that they will look dumb. Are you worried at all too? At this point, if no arrests are made and it turns out there was no sting operation.. what will you think?

  5. Dilara,
    You are a wonderful writer and you were one of the first Patriots that I followed on Twitter. I also follow John DeSouza and I bought his book. You always provide so much truth, love and encouragement to research for ourselves and dig. For this, I thank you. My entire family (35 of us) supports President Trump and also voted for him. Many of my younger family members were already awake. We all feel that this truly is a Spiritual War and that this is our last chance to save America.
    Some of my family were already accepting of defeat. I told them to unplug from Fake News Media and have been telling them to pray and to put Faith in Our Mighty Creator. I sincerely want to thank you for all of your research and sharing with us your knowledge of Pedo Hollywood. I will stand beside you to bring these hard truths to the many that have been deceived. God Bless you Dilara.โค๏ธ
    In the end, GOD WINS!

  6. Hi Dilara, I discovered you topday. I am also a born and raised CA gal and I love this beautiful state. I have been working to help get people aware of truth too. I believe we need a ballot recount in CA on the basis the state used the Dominion program to tally votes. I hope you agree and will direct people to the petition to sign. We need 100,000 signatures by 12/4: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/recount-california-votes-2020 You may be interested in my book series or podcast both by the name, “Faith to Live By.”

  7. Hi Dilara! This is Loretta Posigian…I live in Winter Haven, Florida and I read your awesome Twitter posts, everyday… Dilara….I just wanted to tell you that I have the utmost respect and admiration for you!!!…You are an amazing person and patriot!!….I sincerely believe that the Lord guided me to you….Everyday, I look forward to reading your posts on Twitter!!…Perhaps, is there a way to follow you on Twitter without signing up for an account?ย  It appears that as of today, your tweets are protected….Actually, I have never had a social media account…I’m like you, I unplugged from everything, years ago…You are the exception….I really appreciate the amazing content on your page and all of the effort you put into being a digital soldier!!ย  Actually, I am a digital soldier on e-mail….I have been serving, via e-mail, everydayย  Thank you and May God Bless You, Always!

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