Is This The Storm?

I was just looking at my Facebook feed and saw that I had posted this 13 years ago!

2008 when that vermin was running for president in a stolen election (now eating dirt at Gitmo – if you haven’t checked out yet, please have a look – yes, it’s a site in disguise, giving you the facts!):


The Day Before Obamagate will show these morons what they actually elected one fine day.

And as for our beloved Potus? Yes, He’s Still Your President and although many people who did not keep up with the alternative (real) news don’t understand What Is Going On? , Those Who Cannot Hear the Music are in for The Rude Awakening.

And we can’t wait to bring out all of our I Told You So‘s.

At least I can’t!

I’m sick of the stupid, the morons, the brainwashed idiots. I can’t stand any of them.

And no matter how much they wake up, they are NOT invited back into my life. The information in their brains may change, but the way that they think never will.

You can’t fix stupid.

You can only Change Yourself.

Alot of stuff if going on behind the scenes, yet we are at EBS OR BUST!

Today, another Facebook data leak, since oh heck, You Must Show Them.

But let’s face it folks: a Facebook data leak isn’t going to wake up Barney or Betty. Just like Linda Paris said in her latest rant, unless you put it in their face on the MSM (what they are sadly, pathetically still glued into), they are never, ever going to wake up.

They quote TV and mainstream media as their god.

They laugh at anything outside of their little screwed up brains.

They are the sheep.

We are the people.

Bahhhhhd choices lead to bahhhhd endings.

Let’s hope and pray that soon, there will be some kind of event to rock these idiots awake or else we are going to have a serious problem on our hands: a ton of pissed off, angry Americans, supporters of POTUS taking matters into our own hands if this show doesn’t get started soon.

There is only so many commercials, trailers and shhhhh signs we can take!

Let’s see some action White Hats!

We The People Demand Freedom From Stupid Sheeple!

Check out my podcast tonight called If The Lights Should Go Out as the skies are lit up by a great lightening show in Los Angeles this evening.

Could this be the storm we have all been waiting for?

Godspeed patriots.


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~ Dilara 10.05.21

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  1. Hey Dilhara God lead me to you a long time ago on Twitter before the purge . I definitely came in late but just wanted to let you know you and Linda keep me going Cheers Dawny From Melbourne prison cell Australia

  2. Hello Ms Esengil. A question for you … I received an email notification for your new post. I made a comment to you in the email itself sending “reply”. I was wondering where this message would end up. Does it go to your personal email? Where is the best place to leave you a comment/message. On another note thank you very much for that very important and powerful prayer you gave us at the end of the last podcast .. and for this wonderful poem. It is so nice to hear your thoughts, advice, inspiration and guidance. Of course everyone is a little different but I find myself agreeing with very much of your perspective. Your podcast is very well done … Nice background music, pacing, length etc. I listen to it on Spotify with the great graphics and colours. You are so well spoken and I truly hope to meet and be with you and all our Family someday .. Hopefully sooner than later … LOL .. Health is an issue on this “plane”. Shalom …

  3. Many of us were on this same wavelength years ago. I remember seeing Donald Trump speak on Oprah and a few other shows, asking him if he’d ever run for President. He always gave a round about answer and even said “Probably not” one time. But who knew our hearts, minds and guts were being prepared for this back then?

  4. How can we get these posts more substantiated? Believe you me there would be nothing higher on my wish list than they be true, except soros join gates. I’m already getting rubback against them on fcrook. Can you help me substantiate them even more? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks

  5. Hello patriot! I sympathize with your maddening situation being from California. I was stationed in orange county Tustin Helicopter base. I love California but it’s out of control amongst other things. God bless, you and Linda and Sarge. You are my sanity. 🙏🇺🇸👍😘

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