I Have Plans To Prosper You

You are not just flesh and bone.

You are a child of the Most High. The Almighty took great time and thought to create you. He made you with only love – real Heavenly love born of His heart – to have free will, to live and prosper. To choose wisely, to love Him.

The Road To Enlightenment is not always paved with flowers and butterflies.

The Divine Wisdom of Will Power is necessary in order to navigate through the often troubled waters of life.

Like my Grandma used to say, Suffer Early.

Although The Choice To Know Will Be Yours, remember that The Truth Is Not For Everyone.

Our job, as patriots, as anons, as human children of God worldwide is to embrace The Truth, And Nothing But. And to help awaken others so that we are all Sheep No More.

This is not something that can happen overnight.

Do not get excited about dates, times, or places.

For God, there is no time, there are no places, and everything is in His control.

Be honored that we are digital soldiers for God in his conscious army to help humanity go from Dark to Light. We are the future of humanity. We have to help our Father spread truth, love and life.

God bless you my brothers and sisters. My patriot family. God bless you all worldwide.

Stay The Course and place your trust in Him. He will deliver us. In Jesus Holy name, Amen.

🙏🏼 ♥️ 🇺🇸 ⚖️ ✝️ 🕉 💯



The post made on 5/29/2021 to Q’s private board projectdcomms appears to have been made by either a board volunteer or some other level of 8kun admin. Unless Q verifies it with their “trip code” we at QAlerts.app are considering the post bogus. It has been deleted from our site. Our site will now only consider a post to Q’s private read-only board valid if they use their trip code.

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A Message from Lin Wood

From the outset, I have believed Covid-19 was a flu that was weaponized. A Plandemic. 

While I respect the right of each person to make his or her choice on the vaccine, I am personally opposed to it. 

The vaccine is experimental. It is now being tested on humans. There exist effective treatments for Covid-19. The vaccine promises no immunity and there are increasing reports that it may cause serious harm. 

I am mindful that Bill Gates seeks depopulation to achieve a ruling elite class and a servant class. In depopulation, there is no place for the middle class.

Like many of you, I grow weary at times at the delay in a resolution of the many issues threatening our country and the world. Evil surrounds us. 

In those times of feeling a measure of despair, I find strength in the Lord. I am reminded to wait on Him. God is faithful and keeps every one of his promises. 

When it comes to the vaccine, the choice is yours. I only pray that you will choose wisely. 

Stay strong. Light always overcomes darkness. God has already won. 

We are on the victory side. 

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

Follow Lin on Telegram: https://t.me/linwoodspeakstruth Web: http://www.FightBack.law

🇺🇸 ⚖️ 🇺🇸

A Message from CodeMonkeyZ

I’m not involved in 8kun administration anymore but lots of people are asking me to weigh in on “B”.

The way the /projectdcomms/ board is setup, only the board owner is able to post on it.

Logging in as board owner requires a username and password.

The person who posted as B had logged into the board with the correct board credentials.

I see a few POSSIBILITIES about what happened.

1. The board could have been claimed and given to someone new. This can be checked by logging into the admin account and checking the board claims log. I dont have access to the admin account so i can’t check that.

2. Someone GUESSED the board owner username and password, then logged in and posted as B.

3. The original Q gave the username and password credentials to someone else to post on the board with.

4. It’s actually Q posting.

If i had to guess, i would guess it is either #3 or #4, but i am not in a position to technically verify that now.

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Thank you Selcuk!

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Pompeo 528 EST

Drop 528

You and your Families are safe.

See the Q Tie?   And check out Uncle Robert’s tweets before he died.  YOU WILL LOVE HOW THIS MOVIE ENDS!


Mike Lindell says that they have all of the cyber evidence and that evidence cannot be altered.

Donald Trump won Maricopa County by “80,000 votes” and he won the state of Arizona by “almost 500,000 votes”.

Why is Maricopa County refusing to turn over the routers❓

Mike Lindell says because the routers will show China hacking into the election. 

Via Telegram Channel https://t.me/KanekoaTheGreat

Minted 33 years before 911.

Posts from Benjamin A. Bock relating to the Notables Section Below

Israel’s PM Netanyahu: “I know how they [USA] are. America is something you can easily maneuver.”

Follow Telegram Channel: https://t.me/cbknews

Follow Telegram Channel: https://t.me/WFAorg
Thank you Susan!

Darpa Hydrogel hollow nylon fibers fill the FFP2 class plastic respirators. This Darpa Hydrogel with additives is slowly released from the respirators. When breathing, it enters the human airways.

The swabs used for PCR are also composed of hollow nylon fibers with Darpa Hydrogel.— AFFECTS PINEAL GLAND

Via Telegram Channel: https://t.me/projectcamelotKerry

😦 💊 😦

A message from Dannielle on Telegram: https://t.me/DDay1978

Watch the Water

Multiple scenarios are aligning:

1) Bitcoin mining is connected to the earthquakes in China that seem to follow the Silk road.

Silk road is the centuries old trafficking road a long the Chinese water entering Europe via Kazachstan.

East to west leads to the 3 Gorges Dam next to Wuhan the epicentre.

Eyes on R3 CHONGQING marker:

when this dam goes the water will overflow leading upto 3GD.

2) China banning BTC & BTC contracts expiring May 29

Market crash? When BTC crashes again…..crash causes storm

3) SEC case connected to the XRP – Ripple can cause waves can cause flow of Gold into the new financial markte when we switch from SWIFT to QFS.

Timing is everything.

Attorney pulling out is creating more time.

Eyes on all 3.

🎯 🎯 🎯

Bill Barr and the FBI said they didn’t find any evidence of widespread voter fraud. Maybe that was a carefully parsed statement, notice they didn’t say election fraud. Regardless, it’s clear that neither The FBI nor Bill Barr wanted to do a serious investigation. Apparently neither does SCOTUS. I wonder why??? Hmmmmmmmm …….

If the FBI had manhandled witnesses with half the force they applied to witnesses they thought they could get to flip on Trump, a lot of people would be going to jail right now. There is tons of evidence and a good part of it is very good and could be used as direct evidence of fraud in a legal hearing. The subpoenas that could be issued by a judge would uncover even more.

Something is definitely rotten in Denmark!

When District and Appellate judges and SCOTUS won’t hear cases where they clearly have jurisdiction, the complainants have standing, and there is no other court that can hear the case, something is very rotten in Denmark. It gives the impression they are all trying to cover up something.

We have state legislators that won’t investigate/conduct forensic audits, courts that won’t hear cases with significant evidence presented, an FBI and DOJ that looks the other way and politicians that shrug their shoulders and say there is no way to get justice within the system.

WE CANNOT ACCEPT THIS! We have to insist they investigate and the judges hear the cases. If we don’t find a way to make them do it before the 2022 elections, WE WILL HAVE OFFICIALLY BECOME A BANANA REPUBLIC. To which I say, “NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!” The election fraud must be addressed and we must fight until it is. We are losing our Country and anything less is not acceptable.

Follow @GiantSlayers on Twitter to join the fight. We can’t let them get away with this!!!  ~ Politick_Rick


Follow Giant Slayers on Telegram: https://t.me/realGiantSlayers


EXCLUSIVE: Clinton Administration Invited the Chinese Army into Sensitive U.S. Military Biodefense Centers https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/05/exclusive-clinton-administration-invited-chinese-army-sensitive-u-s-military-biodefense-centers/

Via Gene, WATCH: Moderna Exec Talks About How MRNA Vaccines Edit Genetic Code – The True Reporter https://thetruereporter.com/watch-moderna-exec-talks-about-how-mrna-vaccines-edit-genetic-code-2/

US government seizes properties from disgraced designer Peter Nygard, who’s accused of sexually trafficking dozens of women and girls https://www.insider.com/peter-nygard-sex-trafficking-case-us-government-seizes-california-properties-2021-5

Notables by @BenjaminABock on GAB

Google partners with major US hospital chain to develop ‘healthcare algorithms’ using data from 32 MILLION ‘patient interactions’ https://www.rt.com/usa/524913-google-hospital-patient-data/ and https://wearethene.ws/notable/220541

Woman arrested in North Carolina with enough fentanyl to kill 1 million people, deputies say https://www.mystateline.com/news/woman-arrested-in-north-carolina-with-enough-fentanyl-to-kill-1-million-people-deputies-say/ and https://wearethene.ws/notable/220542

Half a Trillion Dollars Is Sitting at the Fed Earning Nothing https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/half-a-trillion-dollars-is-sitting-at-the-fed-earning-nothing-1.1609563 and https://wearethene.ws/notable/220549

Amazon CEO and owner of the Washington Post also owns Blue Origin, an aerospace manufacturer that lost a multibillion dollar NASA contract to Elon Musk’s SpaceX. However, the Senate is considering legislation that would give Blue Origin a $10… https://thelibertydaily.com/rand-paul-blasts-jeff-bezos-and-the-10-billion-senate-bailout-bill-inexplicably-on-the-table/ and https://wearethene.ws/notable/220554

Wisconsin is now gonna be investigating the elections https://populist.press/huge-former-cops-hired-to-investigate-election-in-swing-state/ and https://wearethene.ws/notable/220555

Canada Launches Digital Identity Strategy  https://www.activistpost.com/2021/05/canada-launches-digital-identity-strategy.html and https://wearethene.ws/notable/220523

Yellen pitches $13B budget increase for IRS as White House looks to crack down on tax cheats-foxbusiness https://www.foxbusiness.com/economy/yellen-pitches-13b-budget-increase-for-irs-as-white-house-looks-to-crack-down-on-tax-cheats and https://wearethene.ws/notable/220530

S Judge Rejects Bayer’s $2 Billion Deal to Resolve Future Roundup Lawsuits as ‘Unreasonable’-ntd https://www.ntd.com/us-judge-rejects-bayers-2-billion-deal-to-resolve-future-roundup-lawsuits-as-unreasonable_618950.html and https://wearethene.ws/notable/220531


Senate passes bill to declassify intel on Covid-19 origins as US & China lock horns over theory that virus is man-made https://www.rt.com/usa/524946-senate-covid-origins-report/ and https://wearethene.ws/notable/220532

HSBC reaches deals to sell most US branches https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Finance/HSBC-reaches-deals-to-sell-most-US-branches and https://wearethene.ws/notable/220507

Biden Unveils $6 Trillion Budget That Will Raise Federal Spending To Highest Post-WW2 Level https://www.zerohedge.com/political/biden-unveils-6-trillion-budget-will-raise-federal-spending-highest-post-ww2-level and https://wearethene.ws/notable/220510

OPERATION ANGELS ENVY: Historic Drug Busts In DC Area, 7 States Linked To Sinaloa Cartel, DEA Says – https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1397729590777417731

DEA Washington Division Announces Major Results in Operation Angels Envy https://www.dea.gov/press-releases/2021/05/26/dea-washington-division-announces-major-results-operation-angels-envy and https://wearethene.ws/notable/220484


The objective, code-named Dragonfly, was to build a search engine for China that would censor broad categories of information about human rights, democracy, and peaceful protest. https://theintercept.com/2018/11/29/google-china-censored-search/

INDY SELLS OUT; 135,000 FANS EXPECTEDINDY SELLS OUT; 135,000 FANS EXPECTED https://news.trust.org/item/20210527214612-a6w5a and https://populist.press/20210527214612-a6w5a/

Soros Makes His Move — Makes Massive Donation To Dangerous ‘Project’ https://www.bard.edu/news/bard-college-receives-500-million-endowment-pledge-from-investor-and-philanthropist-george-soros-2021-04-01 and https://populist.press/soros-makes-his-move-makes-massive-donation-to-dangerous-project/

Alan Dershowitz sues Netflix over Jeffrey Epstein documentary https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-dershowitz-netflix-epstein-documentary-20210526-xz3vphyypjcs7jhjn4gog6rb6e-story.html and https://populist.press/

COURT BOMBSHELL Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘recruiters, lovers and pals set to testify against Ghislaine Maxwell in her sex trafficking trial https://www.the-sun.com/news/2963403/jeffrey-epstein-recruiters-lovers-pals-testify-ghislaine-maxwell-trial/ and https://populist.press/

AMC and GameStop Short Sellers Lose $673 Million After Latest Rally https://finance.yahoo.com/news/gamestop-amc-shorts-hit-673-205459102.html and https://populist.press/gamestop-amc-shorts-hit-673-205459102-html/

U.S. National Debt: 



Source: http://U.S. National Debt: THE CURRENT U.S. NATIONAL DEBT – $28,187,728,565,146 Source: and https://populist.press/

BLM founder resigns after making millions… https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/black-lies-matter-founder-patrisse-cullors-resigns-after-making-millions/

Texas stops Chinese Billionaire from building wind farm https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/texas-stops-chinese-billionaire-from-building-wind-farm/ar-AAKrkeu and http://citizenfreepress.com

Eyes on “Dark Winter” ?


Walmart, Inc sold by Walton Family Trust: $236.27m-May 27,28 https://www.marketscreener.com/quote/stock/WALMART-INC-4841/company/

Robson Walton-oldest son of Sam Walton https://finviz.com/insidertrading.ashx?oc=1219112&tc=7&b=2

Jim Walton-youngest son https://finviz.com/insidertrading.ashx?oc=1219106&tc=7&b=2

Alice Walton https://finviz.com/insidertrading.ashx?oc=1013440&tc=7&b=2

https://www.waltonfamilyfoundation.org and https://wearethene.ws/notable/220622

US Mint Delays Silver Shipments Due To “Global Silver Shortage”-zh https://www.zerohedge.com/commodities/us-mint-delays-silver-shipments-due-global-silver-shortage


SEC Charges U.S. Promoters of $2 Billion Global Crypto Lending Securities Offering-sec https://www.sec.gov/news/press-release/2021-90 and https://wearethene.ws/notable/220611

Federal Reserve Bank of NY Reverse Repo Operations-week of May 23rd, 2020-$2.24T https://apps.newyorkfed.org/markets/autorates/tomo-results-display?SHOWMORE=TRUE&startDate=01/01/2000&enddate=01/01/2000



Cops bust Sinaloa cartel operation in DC: Officers seize enough fentanyl to kill 21 MILLION people, more than 100 illegal guns and $5.4M in cash-dailymail



New York Times exposes Biden’s plan to raise taxes on low- and middle-income Americans to pay for massive $6 trillion budget, breaking his repeated promises https://www.theblaze.com/news/times-biden-tax-hikes-budget and https://wearethene.ws/notable/220585

EU, UK, and US join dozens of states in demanding answers over sexual abuse allegations against WHO staff https://www.rt.com/news/525095-joint-statement-who-sexual-abuse-allegations/ and https://wearethene.ws/notable/220591

Morgan Stanley nears full ownership of China ventures with stake buys https://www.reuters.com/business/finance/morgan-stanley-nears-full-ownership-china-ventures-with-stake-buys-2021-05-28/ and https://wearethene.ws/notable/220574

Credit Suisse Cuts Ties With SoftBank After Greensill Crisis https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/credit-suisse-cuts-ties-with-softbank-after-greensill-crisis-1.1609827 and https://wearethene.ws/notable/220575

Google partners with major US hospital chain to develop ‘healthcare algorithms’ using data from 32 MILLION ‘patient interactions’ https://www.rt.com/usa/524913-google-hospital-patient-data/ and https://wearethene.ws/notable/220541

End of Notables by Benjamin

Will They Put a CHIP in the Coronavirus Vaccine?


Thank you BOOM!

British Intelligence Meetings of Jeff Goldblum

Thank you Bunny! Follow Crystal on Twitter: @Jonessense

Hold the Bar Association Accountable to the People

Thank you Ron and Rachel!



“The Breaks” Over the Columbia River in Central Washington USA


San Francisco, California


Wait for it.

Thank you Ron & Rachel

Today’s Meme Parade

Bill’s Hall of Infamemes


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