Are We There Yet?

I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s in sunny, not-so-littered California.

Truly, this was and still is the Golden State. (It’s not the state that’s having issues;  it’s the corrupt, satanic people who run it that will soon be only remembered as a stain in human history.)

During those days, the concept of UFO’s was not taboo. Old comics, pulp novels, books, tv shows and movies (even today) revealed a not so sinister alien presence.


I learned how to read at a really early age.  No one in my family was a big reader and the only books in our home were from a garage sale box that the neighbors had gifted us. Besides some old cookbooks and abandoned textbooks on physics (which I also read), the box was filled with mysterious topics: Bermuda triangle disappearances, unexplained sky events, and of course, space travel.

I was hooked before I started kindergarten.

I couldn’t stop looking at the skies at night, or even during the day.

My grandma used to live with us (RIP grandma, miss you every day). She would tell me about the sky people. She came from a different country and had a deeper understanding about the world that other children’s grandmothers in my grade school didn’t seem to get. The only other grandma that understood me was a German lady whose grandkids attended my school. Both of these kind, strong and conceptual women seemed to understand that the world was not what we were being told it was.

And that was enough for me.

I only listened to people I respected then, and even more so now. The gift of discernment is a blessing from the Lord. To see what is right and what is wrong in your heart, not your mind, is a life tool never to be taken for granted.

Grandma and I had seen some interesting stuff in our skies over California.

We didn’t understand what these strange craft may have been, but we knew that since both of us were seeing these magnificent hovering sky things that didn’t fit into the categories of aircraft flying overhead in our beach town skies, we weren’t imagining this stuff.

Later, I would grow up and fall in love with someone who knew a lot more than my five year old self could ever comprehend. He would fill in all the blanks that took up space in my busy head.

Be still, and know

What were these craft?

Who was driving them?

Why did Grandma tell me not to tell everyone about them?

She said that people wouldn’t understand and not be nice to me.

Boy, was she right.

I kept these special sightings and times to myself, and read everything under the sun at first, my school library about outer space and time and psychics and later, math and philosophy and religion when I got to college. Surely, there had to be clues about this phenomena that I was seeing with my very own eyes, and Grandma’s eyes too.

Then, I found a book that would change my life forever.

The truths told and published in Behold A Pale Horse, by one of the greatest American heroes, William Cooper would set my life on course forever.


Bill Cooper was a naval intelligence officer who knew too much. I followed his radio broadcasts religiously, read everything I could get my hands on. I was not alone. There were other kids that knew about Bill. We would talk amongst ourselves, make sure to pay for the books in cash, and never discussed him on the telephone where we knew we were being listened to.

Even though those times in America were better in some ways, in some ways they were not.

Freedom of speech was not really that free.

People were living under the illusion of freedom, but history speaks for itself.

In addition to full disclosure of the alien agenda (some of it good, some of it bad), Bill exposed the New World Order for their sinister plans to demonize and take over planet earth. He even predicted 9/11. This is the same group that we are dealing with to this very day. They have demonized every aspect of life on earth. And they were about to win, but not anymore.

On 9/11/01 the WTC was attacked from within. On 11/05/01 Bill was killed by the cabal.

Rest in peace, brave Bill. Thank you for all you did for humanity.


But even after his death, Bill cannot be silenced.

We are at the fulcrum of disclosure.

There are other life forms. There are other planets, solar systems, intelligence in the cosmos besides us. And not all are bad, and not all are good. The ultimate intelligence is, as we all know it, God, our Heavenly Father.

It is important to note that the existence of other life forms does not negate our faith, our walk with Christ, our allegiance to the one and only God, our Heavenly Father. Many are called, but few will be chosen.

Time to open our minds, and understand just how much we have been lied to.

Lies about our planet, our history, our geneology.

We are at the verge of wheat and tares. Those who keep their blinders on will suffer in darkness. Those who are able to open their eyes will adjust to the light. They will see the truth in all forms.

There will always be those who believe and there will always be those who do not.

Challenging hard-wired (and wrong) belief systems combined with strong attachments to one’s ego based on emotion is a recipe for intellectual disaster. Most people do not learn how to properly control their emotions and this is the favorite way of the evil powers that be to control the minds of the population.

I talk about The Century of the Self a lot because it’s so important to understand how we have all been affected by this regime. It’s a documentary available on YouTube for all to watch freely. Strongly recommended for your understanding of how we got to where we are today, in America.

It was an evil man who said:


And it’s true.

How do you think the Nazis controlled the masses?  Through propaganda. And how do you think the USA and other governments have controlled the masses? Through the same vehicle that enters your mind and steals your soul, but only if you let it.

“How do you make people aware of an alternate reality?”

As Q anon says, “The choice to know, will be yours.”


No one can spoon feed you truth, you have to do it yourself, one bite a time.

And we all know that you are what you eat, literally.

Your thoughts control your reality.

And if you have wrong thoughts, guess what? You’l be watching the wrong version of humanity, of history and of truth. Which is not really truth but lies. You will be living in lies forever. And we all know that lies hurt forever, and the truth only hurts for a minute.

We are getting closer every day to truth, and further away from their lies.

Are we there yet?


The truth is out there.

It’s up to you to find it.

Are you ready?



Text Copyright 2019 Dilara Esengil, All Rights Reserved

(Images not property of the author)

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  1. Excellent writing. And i too had a suspicion that the world we lived had more layers than we were told or taught. My father, who was an avid reader and taught me to read by the time i was 3 years old, would share things with me and words that I would have to research to understand. Anyway love your blog, but I thought I had followed you after I received your dm on twitter but i guess not because I am blocked. My twitter handle is @desire66. Do you think you could unblock me because I loved your twitter threads! Thank you..

  2. that was a really good read. you are a great writer. i’m glad i saw your blog link so i could response to this and reach out to you. i think i can help shed some light on the truth behind the california fires and 9/11.

  3. an interesting and fun read until i i ran across Bill Cooper reference. I remember hearing the tape of him give that prophetic speech on radio. i have only one remark on this blog post – Michael Hastings –

  4. Love your essays….yes true discernment is a gift from God. So glad to have found you and can’t wait to start reading many of your book recommendations! I do disagree that the truth only hurts for a minute. After 2+ years of going down rabbit holes I am still melancholy. I do feel enlightened and finally on the right path in my life, but it is still with sadness as it is a very solitary walk. I pray constantly that others wake up not only to the worldwide corruption but the esoteric truths that define our existence. This, I fear, will take many more years. Most people simply would rather not wake from their slumber…too painful. But I pray I am wrong! Thank you for sharing your research and knowledge! You’re one of the favorite resources!

  5. “Behold a Pale Horse” is available in PDF and other formats for free download at Archive dot org

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