What To Expect When Moving Into 4D

It makes me want to run for the hills when people claim that they are headed into 5D straight from this 3rd dimension. It’s ok to be confused about this stuff, as it is difficult to grasp, especially for the Western world that we live in. But ignorance can be cured by seeking and learning.

The worst are those pretending to help others with this information and incorrectly so.

What I really want to say to these folks is something like “so you are a spiritual master that is able to float between dimensions.


Then why are you stuck here in this human body? 😂

Have you done any homework? 🤔

Have you studied the ancient vedic texts?” 📖

Ancient Hindu, Egyptian, African, Mayan and Asian as well as other cultures know about this stuff. 🕉☯️

I have spent a lifetime studying these topics and I am still a student. ✍🏼

There is a very speficic order to the Dimensions of The Human Soul and you don’t get to skip a dimension folks. If you are not a jerk stuck clinging to the matrix, you may get to go on forward. You have to learn how to let go of all attachments that are not working for you. Once you do this, you free yourself to progress in your soul’s journey. Letting the The Walking, Shedding Jabbers dictate your reality will just take you down with them.


The Birth Of A New Humanity awaits us. Those that cling to the ways of old slavery will not be joining us. Let them go. God is working. He is the judge.

Be The Wheat

Please make sure to read my above-referenced article above about the human soul. Hopefully, it will at least help you start searching for more answers.

Want to know what actually happens when and if you “ascend” into 4D? It’s not really an ascension either. It’s just a movement.

Listen to what Drunvalo has to say about this dimensional shift.

We are bringing all life with us. That’s why some of them don’t make it. They don’t have the right thinking. End of story.

In order to grasp what is going on, you first have to Expand Your Thinking.

Closed mind deprives.

Open minds save lives.

Choose truth.


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God bless you and Godspeed! 🙏🏼 ♥️ ⚖️

~ Dilara 08.18.21

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  1. Is there time if we’re just starting now? Where is a good place to start this journey? Thank you Dilara, I am so thankful that I found your site!!!

  2. Yes, thanks Dilara, another great article, and full of hope as well.

    For what it’s worth – do what you can to remove yourself from the shedding, mindless masses and come out of the world. They will use family, friends, lifestyle, habits, emotions, traumas etc to pull us back into their system and towards taking the mark. Santa/Satan knows if you’ve been naughty or nice. Your DNA transmits your secrets/thoughts and receives instructions. The avatar body-mind is theirs. Thus the power of their manipulation of our emotions and actions. Spirit is ours. Go inwards and focus on what you deem your Father /Source/Higher Self, and not outwards. Introverts….be thankful that you are this way, seeking answers from within, not from without.

    If you can, find a nice spot out in the hills and go camping for a year. See what evolves.

    For anyone starting this journey….truth is elusive and certainty is almost non-existent. Do not fall into fear that you may be doing this wrong or that wrong. Be as virtuous and wonderful as you can and stay positive. Remain balanced and don’t pull to one side or the other – for this generates ‘Loosh’. Control thoughts that are not your own ( negative or defeatist thoughts ), ‘take them captive’ and allow only those thoughts or behaviours that you think Jesus or Christ or whomever you follow….would undertake. This may work to keep our vibration high.

    And most importantly….seek truth, no matter where it leads. Everything is free will. Spirit can’t interject if you choose instead to live the lie. All those sleeping family and friends around me ‘all’ choose to live the lie. They simply do not want to know, invetigate, research or look into ‘anything’ but what they’re told by the media. And as such they take the jab without concern. They are sent strong delusions. If you choose darkness, then darkness you will get.

    Just my 2 cents worth based on my very limited understanding.

    It’s an interesting existence…..to be sure.

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