No Mercy

It is the calm before the storm.

And when it hits, it could potentially put 99% of the people in the hospital.


Because they haven’t listened.

Imagine the shock of the masses when they are finally exposed to the truth.

So many of us have desperately tried to wake up family, friends. But their programming and minds have been so overtaken by the years of propaganda and mind control from the food they have been eating to the frequencies they have been bombarded with. And no matter how hard we have tried, they have refused to wake up.

It is time to move on.

The storm is almost here. The coronavirus is just another part of the growing pains we must suffer through in order to enter a new humanity, a new reality.

In the next few weeks, given that we still have electronic communication, I will be posting here daily instead of monthly to keep all us patriots up on the coming weeks ahead. Please note that this and every other blog post, unless otherwise indicated, are merely my own speculations and opinion. I receive a lot of good information from my personal trusted sources and I will do my best to share what I can.

If you are new to the Great Awakening, this article may not help you as much as it will those who have been paying attention and not suffering from TDS. If you need some background to all of this, please visit my twitter feed and stay up on what is happening over there.

I created a thread today to help newbies and late comers to this amazing time in human history. You can visit this vital information here and follow me on Twitter for daily updates on the current situation we are in:

In the next few weeks you can expect the following things to happen:

Banks will most likely be operational but not full hours. Don’t worry, you will not be losing any money.

The IRS will be facing major changes and that is yet to be announced by Potus.

The fed is dead. That is all I can say here right now. We are headed for a GCR (Global Currency Reset) through the RV (Revaluation of our currency). This is all the information I can give you at this time.

Children are being rescued. Yes, human trafficking is real. And the scale of it is global. The trafficking and blood sacrifices are an “invisible enemy” and a “global pandemic” in and of itself.

The ships are here to treat children as well as help take those who need to go to their final destination be gone from this dimension forever. No mercy. No comfort for those who have raped, pillaged and yes, eaten us. These include shitstain celebrities and false idols including past presidents of not just our country that many have come to worship. Not all of them are bad, but the super famous ones generally are. Those that engaged in eating human flesh, raping children and are transhumans will be punished. This rabbit hole is too deep for this article so you will have to, as QAnon states, do your own research.

On that note, many famous and some not so famous folks are being served their indictments. This is why you see celebs and other notable personalities coming down with the Coronavirus. They have made a deal to claim illness versus public humiliation which is, surely coming.

You will all find out that Michael Obama is a big ugly man. It will be hard for you to accept it if you are ego driven and your mind is not open. Here is my advice: take time to research Michael LaVaughn Robinson. You will see we have all been fooled, even though my late Grandmother called it before she passed that BO is the anti-Christ (relax normies, you will see) and that his man wife, is, well, a man.

A lot of lies and horrors will be unveiled. It will be painful for many. For the patriots who have been keeping up on what is going on with the QAnon movement, we know. And it has been more than painful for many of us with close minded loved ones and coworkers who are just dense, to put it lightly.

My advice? Start learning now because this pill is MUCH more painful that the one you can just take on your own.

And you can be sure it is coming to an asshole near you soon.


The MSM needs to go. The Fake News media is next to bite the dust.

There is a likely shut down of our communications en route by Potus so he can address the nation on the EBS system. It’s time that those who refuse to wake up are shown the ugly truths that will shock and disturb them. Brace yourselves for the truth is hard to swallow, but it will hurt less than the lies that would have taken our lives.

We escaped disaster by the skin of our teeth. 

God wins!

Stay the course!

Trust the plan!

And don’t forget to PRAY patriots!


Copyright 2020 Dilara Esengil, All Rights Reserved

Not all images are property of the author.

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  1. I love your blog & your twitter account! Its part of my daily rounds. Would you consider unblocking me? With over 35K followers, i assume Twitter blocked me, I doubt you have time to scroll through & delete.
    Thanks for all the interesting & enlightening content!

  2. Wow wow wow. I’ve got chills. Love this blog. I’m new on Twitter, my cousin in Texas got me connected. I’m Canadian. I new this stuff was deep.

  3. Thank you Dilara…you have been my mainstay for trustworthy info…if you do not bring it, I don’t believe…May God bless you for your willingness to inform us honestly. I am blessed because you have persevered & given it all you have. Knowing you is one of my greatest blessings… I love you like a sister!

  4. Thank you, D!

    New to this horror, here are a few more articles to bring you up to speed. — blood sacrifice plus the elixir of youth plus the blackmail file — for 200 years, nearly all war has been for the control over drugs — how our religion lost chapters to confuse and science rose to cover it up

    Lots more on that website, plus 100+ books to show you how the truth has been there the whole time, but you never bothered to stop and listen to the truth tellers. No fault of your own, but an organized campaign to cut down anyone who counters the official narrative.

    Awaken to the new one.

    So thankful you love the Lord and have a huge heart for our children!!!!!! God Bless!

  6. Excellent! Expounded on what you can’t say on Twitter right now. It helped me with the optics in war. We are at war. Seeing the photo that “George” posted affirmed that everything we suspected was going on is, in fact, true. Podesta’s art is a mirror for this. Think, “Dark Angel” tv series. BTW, I live very close to those “BBQ” parties that Podesta attended, hosted by Killery’s aide. Rented babies. Now we know what fallen Angels salivate for: pure evil. Resist the devil, and he will flee.

  7. I have found some of these articles, but this puts it all into prospective. Makes perfect sense and uncovers the meaning of the last days in a whole new and different way. I believe the actors and politicians that don’t want to give up their fame and power would easily fall into the adrenochrome set. It just makes sense on many levels that didn’t connect before. I believe what the bible says about the last days, it’s just that I couldn’t understand why people would be warned by God and still take the mark,etc. This explains it all. Power hunger and vanity will make people close their eyes to just how horrible the ingredients of what their fix contains is. Just like a crack addict goes to the er gets a print out of everything they have been putting in their body in detailed form and turns right around, while shocked by the contents and goes for their next fix anyway. Thank you for informing the otherwise ignorant masses as to what is really going on and the sheer enormity of it all.

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