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This week, I was censored again (surprise!) so I had to add an addendum to the end of this podcast. So tune in and get through it to hear what is really going on, and what we are so pissed about: We The People Demand Freedom From Stupid Sheeple!

And Be Careful Who You Follow!

#WWG1WGA 🙏🏼♥️🇺🇸⚖️

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~ Dilara 11.27.21

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  1. your podcast with ms. bernardis was censored & garbled when you were talking about white hats being inflitrated by posers. Spotify owns Anchor.
    if you want to get you message out start uploading to tumble. otherwise nobody will get it

  2. Hi Dilara,

    My first contact with you from me so you’ll know how I arrived here. First and foremost I’m a Christian, Patriot TRUMP Supporter (followed his Commercial RE career since early 80”s when in College), Southern boy born in Natchez, Mississippi now living in Central Arkansas Farm Country 20 miles east of Little Rock. Graduate of Mississippi State University and The University of Memphis in Commercial RE Development.
    I’m a long time follower (2015-16) of Linda Paris (and Sarge) all the way back to before she and Truman moved to Florida. She’s Awesome as you already know. So obviously when she first introduced you on her show I noticed how you both hit every nail head! I’ve so enjoyed y’all’s Snarky Rants which she started and then you naturally jumped right in (it so fits you both) which made everyone love you both!
    So naturally I’ve followed you as everything has evolved from there. I did listen here (censored as it was) to everything you and Maria (y’all are so alike too) had to say and learned a lot, as I always do from you. I too am a Non-forgiving Hard Ass about finding the TRUTH. Tell me the Truth I can handle that but the LIARS that slither around I DESPISE! Love how you you describe the sleepin’ sheep who’ll probably never wake up because of their “dumbassness” they’ll be Draco food… LOL😂
    That’s what I like the most about you… the TRUTH no matter what it is… You find it and EXPOSE the Scumbag Liars, Fakes and Grifters!
    I have to tell you the brief but very telling to me conversation you and Maria had with “decode o’savin” wanna be (yeah right!) was hilarious! Laughed my ass of at y’all’s comment about how busy he must have been decoding while his transmission stopped and then returned. Your exposure/takedown of this OBVIOUS FAKE wanna be Gene Decode/Juan Osavin (I do TRUST Gene…don’t trust Juan) was the best I’ve witnessed… Your background, career, knowledge and Surgical Dissection of FRAUDS are well… Simply Can’t Be Duplicated!
    ROCK ON Dilara!
    Thank you,
    I’m listening

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