Whispers of an E.B.S. (Emergency Broadcast System) alert are making rounds in the patriot and anon circles.

Are we ready for such an announcement?

Will it even phase the numbnuts?

Or will it anger them moar?

Who would deliver such an announcement? An automated robotic voice won’t cut it. It would have to be personal.

So the pretend president? The fake Biden?

That would only anger the sh*t out of patriots worldwide.

So who would be the one to make such an announcement?

The real Potus, DJT?

Surely not. All the stupid people infected with TDS would surely blow moar than a fuse (though they don’t have many left).

Only time will tell What Happens Next.

God help us all and lead us all back to Him and to truth.

Pray patriots, for we are in the final hours.

The damn is about to burst.

Enough Is Enough! of this Covid Displacement.

God promises us this: I Have Plans To Prosper You.

So stay in faith and trust Him. When God sends us His E.B.S., that is when this whole show will be worth it. Wait for it.

His will be done, amen.

🙏🏼 ♥️ ✝️ ⚖️


Whistleblower Seeks Lawyers to Stop “Unnecessary Deaths,” False Advertising and Unfair Competition by Pfizer and Moderna https://medicalveritas.org/whistleblower-seeks-lawyers-to-stop-false-advertising-and-unfair-competition-by-pfizer-and-moderna/


My video update. Internet problems galore folks! Many truth tellers with channels and media reach are having issues with the digital airwaves. Could this be a lead into the much awaited E.B.S.? Someone, somewhere is surely tinkering with internet and cellular connections. But why? Knowing that The Military Is In Control!, we trust that The Best is Yet To Come!

My Video Update 09/29/21


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~ Dilara 09.29.21

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  1. i enjoyed your EBS or Bust podcast,,,,these mis informed peeps will just wander and not learn enough of the information,,,,,,let em be ,we can not help them,,,i have found most of the peeps in florida , are just lost souls,,,bring on the EBS and screw the mis informed , i stopped trying to educate the mis informed,,,,,God bless you DILARA,, stay well my fellow patriot

  2. Loved your point about things changing Dilara. I find myself thinking and wondering about that on a daily basis. The industries that will vanish or be transformed. Behavior, situations, and ideas that were tolerated under the mantra “That’s the way things are…” no longer being accepted. Tech behemoths toppling like the walls of Jericho. As Sarge calls them, the Deletes exposed for the perverts and frauds that they are, no longer worshipped, but despised by the masses. Yes, it’s tough going right now, but I believe the Creator is forging us for the future.

  3. All i see in future and have seen last 11 months is a big bust ….we are facing a steep decline here in US ….you are smart dilara so I am sure u will survive. Very shocking that we do not have any group with real power in military to stop this nightmare .

  4. Dilara.. love your work and thank you for all you do. Am looking forward to your interview with Maria. On a side note, so you may not publish this – have you looked into theorionfiles.com? I’m pretty sure over a yr. ago, April and Jay had him on.

  5. Hi Dilara, came here after watching Linda Paris’ video. I hope you are feeling better. I never watched news or followed politics. I did vote for Trump. I became red pilled after the bioweapon was released. I live alone and pretty much all my neighbors are liberals, most of my friends and family have buried heads in sand and waiting for things to return to normal. I’ve been called delusional by my mother and my father called the other day and suggested I should go on medication. I parted ways w my significant other who is from ghana, became an American citizen but doesn’t believe in the constitution. My company who creates tests for the United States medical licensing board just sent a company wide letter stating we all need to be vaxxed.

    90 percent of company is vaxxed and the majority work from home. Are you effing kidding me!

    I gave up trying to send friends and family videos. My arrogant sister who is a physicians assistance took the jab out of concern for her patients. Let me get this straight, you have no fucking clue what was in the experimental injection, don’t know what side effects are because there are no studies, your chance of recovery is 99. 9 percent and plenty of holistic treatments to help but you did it for your patients?

    I asked her to hold off too until after The inauguration as I thought the Biden regime was going to be taken down. She got the vax right after his fake inauguration. Then I tried to send her videos like Dr. David Martin and Dr. Rheiner Fuellmich. She’s so arrogant she refused to look at anything I sent. I heard she had migraines, her one side of her face blew up and she thought she was going to have a stroke by how horrible she felt after taking the bioweapon but she made no connection to the injection.

    I really have no one i can discuss any of this insanity with so I do rely on people like you and Linda. I’m now on Gab and telegram. I would have lost my mind if it were not for people like you. I know people have been following Q for years. I don’t know how they could stand it. I do believe we are very close but there are so many levels being fought. My understanding is there are hundreds of thousands of these mk ultra soldiers. How do you control this many people who could go off at any time? And the friggen sheeple. I guess having Michael Jackson or Lady Diana appear might wake them up. I tried to send my dad a screen shot of telegram w JFK mrs account commenting on something. I guess this is when my father thought I had lost it. Good Grief and God give me patience. I do believe God is in control and I guess we are just going to have to trust in his plan. This is an international reorganization and clean up. How. In the heck could all of this been orchestrated? It is historical and biblical and I am happy and blessed to be awake watching it in live time as frustrating as it has been having to tolerate the walking dead all around us.

    Gods truth is marching on! Thank you for your ongoing commentary and reporting. I love listening to you and Linda!

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