Throwback Tuesday

Many of you are still confused about this being a show.

Some people are still asking me if the vaccine is safe 🤦🏼‍♀️.

Others are just not doing the math.

Today, we are going to ask you, the audience, to review and share some older articles and posts.

Knowledge is wisdom.

Stay the course!

Great Awakening Review for Awakened Anons

You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿 👇🏼

Still confused about how all of this is optics? All the details, the fake cabal players that are, well just plain old deader than a doorknob (people still touch and turn these)? Understand that no military operation especially one of this level that the world has never seen before is going to be publicly advertised. In fact, it’s going to be done under the radar, all the way. The Stage is Set.

Human Cloning & Baphomet Genetic Manipulation 👇🏼

How can the clone a human being? How long has it been going on? Science fiction based on facts. This has been going on for a very long time. What is the agenda behind it?

The Conspiracy Theory of Everything is a great movie that does not take political sides and presents the facts of what and how truths have been hidden in plain sight by labelling them as unacceptable conspiracy theories. Programming of the sheeple has led them to reject knowledge. HOSEA 4:6

DNA Pirates of the Sacred Spiral is a lecture from Dr. Len Horowitz – one of the most incredible heartfelt warriors of God that you will ever encounter. Do not miss this!

And make sure to Do Your Vaccine Homework!

Pass it on!

God bless you and everyone you share this with. Amen.


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~ Dilara 03.30.21

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  1. Rule number one, never trust the government.
    Rule number two, never trust a computer guy to design your “virus protection”.
    Rule number three, study rule numbers one and two until you know it in your sleep.

  2. Hey Dilara, you’re doing great work as usual on your site. I love it! Interested to see what you’ve got planned with your upcoming podcast and new format.

    I learned a new word from your blog a couple days ago – “douchetard”. Well, I’m going to use it right now for the first time. I was excercising outside tonight (power walk) and some masked DOUCHETARD (with his girlfiend) told me to put on a mask as I went past. I stopped, turned around and told him to “mind his own ******* business”. No response – speechless… Get in their faces if you have to people. I’ve had enough – patience is worn out. The time for playing nice is over.

    MUST WATCH video from Patriot Streetfighter tonight. His guest Canadian patriot Chris Sky is incredible! I want to be more like him. I want to BE him. Seriously give this a watch. Don’t let the length scare you off watch the 15 minutes or so. You’ll want to finish. Very inspiring and told with loads of humor. (interview start around 10 minutes in)

    • Thank you Bob. I don’t have time to watch anything these days outside of my daily grind but blessings and yes! Douchetard is SO fitting isnt it!??? BOOM! God bless you!

  3. I see all the colors of my beautiful love….I love you with all my heart, angel…Sweet dreams, mi amor…xoxo

  4. Oh Lord, honey…Trippy is at it, again….I’m dying!!…I’m trying to pick myself up off of the floor long enough to post this…This is hysterical…I’m dying over here!!….All the wind is sucked out of me….I love you, honey!!

    Biden stumbles and almost falls over AGAIN while boarding Air Force One

    | | | | | |


    | | | | Biden stumbles and almost falls over AGAIN while boarding Air Force One

    JOE Biden stumbled and almost fell over again while boarding Air Force One two weeks after his slip-up. New foot… |



  5. Hi D,
    Found some more info on the Corona Virus. I was channel surfing last night and landed on Tucker Carlson, yeah not everyones fav but I had seen this doctor before. This time I did some searching on him. It was very interesting I must say…

    Peter Daszak talks about Corona viruses.
    Daszak has a HUGE CONFLICT OF INTEREST. How can you trust him he. He has two faces of Evil, either way you look at him. Sounds like another person, Dr Anthony Fauci.

    Who is Peter Daszak?
    Molecular biologist at Rutgers University claims that a member of the World Health Organization (WHO) team investigating. He has a conflict of interest when you research him, Not good for the American or World Wide. ( ) Great Article on Dr. Daszak titled; WHO inspector has conflict of interest in Wuhan COVID probe: Prominent biologist

    Yep, he’s Paid for and Playing the people. He’s selected the narrative on Covid-19 but which one its. I believe its the video made on 05/19/20. Oh its gets better Daszak works within the Wuhan Lab and he’s also one of the top inspector for the WHO. An the board of investigation of the Wuhan Lab. Wow this guy is a peice of work. Daszak interview on 05/19/20, it’s still currently available on Youtube, I’ll link it below. If you want to just get to the Corona Virus, its at the 27 minute mark. But the interview is awakening. Daszak talk about his nonprofit Origination, which received millions $ in contributions, grants etc. Some of that money is from your Tax dollars by the way.

    Daszak talks about the manipulation of Corona Viruses in the lab, at the 30 minute mark. I would suggest listening to the entire 35+minutes. The Host asks Daszak about the Corona Virus being diverse and you can’t vaccinate against? Listen to Daszak’s words about manipulating a virus is easy.

    Ive been reading for months about “Spike Proteins” being manufactured and put into the Big Pharma vaccines. Not a weaken Corona Virus like the vaccines we had as a children. For instance there are only a few vaccines that contain a weaken piece of the virus; Four types of vaccines are currently available: Live virus vaccines use the weakened (attenuated) form of the virus. The measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine and the varicella (chickenpox)

    Does anyone know that the song “A Spoonful of Sugar” from the film Mary Poppins was actually inspired by the polio vaccine. The iconic song lyric from the 1964 Disney film “Mary Poppins” is a lesson in making otherwise mundane or daunting tasks more enjoyable.

    Our spoonfuls isn’t about sugar, but knowledge in small doses.

    Now our government are doing their best to take our freedom of movement away. You take the vaccine you will be rewarded with freedom to take a flight, college of choice. On the other hand if you don’t take the vaccine your damned. It feels like the Scarlet Letter rising up once again. This is so wrong. When the US gets to herd immunity then the non vaccinated will not effect the vaccinated.

    Stay Strong, Stay Safe 😉

    God Bless


  6. Good afternoon Patriots. Dilara you are keeping me informed and positive. Amazing work. Hello from Florida! Holding the line getting involved. Watching Pirates of the Sacred Spiral again. Wow! Even tried sharing it with a few people, Hey, the truth isn’t for everyone and the end isn’t for everyone. Watched a thousand pieces, also Damon Berry. The Knowledge of the forever, The fall of the cabal. Started watching Samadhi. It’s very time consuming 😁. Worth it! When I tell people You Are Watching a Show ,they don’t believe me. Everyday I walk barefoot in the grass and look up at the sky. This is a beautiful time to be alive. I have noticed one thing. I feel lonely sometimes, My wife is awakened and so is my sister. Most people aren’t there. I’m finding my tribe. You are part of my tribe. Thank you Dilara.
    Love and God Bless

    Melanie. WWG1WGA.

  7. PS….Love, guess who is laughing with us….He made Boten trip on that step to make us laugh…I cannot wait to show you…I can see His teeth…That’s how big He is smiling….xoxo 

  8. Cruising around on, I found interesting links to the Swine Flu plandemic that are so similar to what we see today. Same play-book, same old players. It’s encouraging to see that there were also Patriots awake and fighting back. I’m *enjoying discovering you and your blog. Saw you last night with Linda Paris, who has helped retain my sanity over the past 5 years. The * denotes that this is a painful process, but feels so good to hear and recognize truth. Thank you.

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