Once Upon A Time, In Q

They lied to us.

They used us as slaves. They raped and pillaged our young. They tortured our souls for an indefinable amount of time. They controlled our media, our food supply, our medical care, our money, our air, our water, our life expectancy. All to their benefit.

And just who are they?

They call themselves the elite, when really, they are just the opposite. From Too Big To Fail banksters, entertainment, media, politics, religion, and just about everything in between, this criminal non-elite and organized crime syndicate has, with great malicious planning, infiltrated every aspect of our lives.


This did not just begin yesterday. This has been going on for a very long time.

Rico is coming, with its wingman Treason and this party is about to get started.

It’s time to stop it all. We the people are the ones that need to do this. No one is going to do this for us. In order to not be sheep, we must not act like sheep. We must be the change we wish to see.


I wish for a more civilized, more peaceful, more abundant society under God, our Heavenly Father.

I know it is possible.

I know it will happen.

That’s why you and I and the rest of us came here, to meet at this very time in human history. Do you really think God sent us here without a plan? This very moment and all the ones that came before it are His plans for His children. We are here to use our will, and our collective will to help each other follow the path of prosperity, love and freedom. Liberty, justice and more justice. Punishment and consequences for those who must face the outcome of their horrific choices. And peace and harmony for all of the rest of humanity.


True freedom.

That is and always has been my wish for humanity. Enslavement has indeed affected all of us in every possible aspect of our lives.

We are here to help each other, to help save ourselves from the global gang of criminal non-elite; morally bankrupt demonically possessed creatures that are no longer welcome on this planet, amongst us children of the Most High.

We have a job to do. Together,  we must stand and raise our consciousness. We must pray together, work together, and win together.

They thought we would never wake up.

They thought we would follow the stars.

They did things to us, that once fully exposed, will break many peoples hearts worldwide. The horrors are going to shake many. It’s not going to be an easy time at first. My utmost respect to the genius minds who planned this path-of-least harm to humanity to show us what has been going on before our very eyes when the Luciferian order had control of our media and lives.

Yes, had control.

They know they have lost control. Hence all the retaliation, the screaming, the accusations flying from the rabid, foaming mouths of these ugly creatures. We are better than them, and they know it. And that’s why they are shaking in their panties.  Look at how many of us there are. We are millions of #HumanityStrong across this beautiful planet that we live on.


It’s time.


That’s how long we are supposed to live you know: up to 1,000 years.

Without pestilence or disease. With joy and peace and harmony.

There are so many gifts yet uncovered to humanity. The truth is here. It’s ours for the taking.

What a time to be alive! I know it’s not easy right now for many of us as we have been waiting and waiting to reveal what we have been allowed to learn in this timeline of disclosure. We are reasonably anxious to not only see others awaken, but to also see justice served. And it will be.

Be still, and know.


Life is about waiting and doing the right things while you are waiting.

Nothing ever goes the way you plan. Most of us don’t learn that until we get older. So don’t make any plans. Just trust the plan.

We owe our lives first and foremost and only to God. We are grateful for the sacrifices of many who fought and perished and those here today still carrying the torch of freedom through the darkest of hours.

We are grateful for Potus and to the Q Team. We are grateful to each other, to all the saints and angels, to Jesus Christ our beautiful savior, and to all of the teachers, including our ancestors who brought us here to this day. We are the survivors of our past generations, and here to free ourselves of the slavery that has bound humanity for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

We, the American people stand #UnitedNotDivided. We know that many have been led astray and we will continue to pray for each other. It is the only way to overcome this vast evil.  Let us join our hearts in prayer for freedom from these demonic entities.


We cannot wait another minute. The time is now to speak truth. To gently let others know, as if they are small children, what has happened. Some of us know. Some of us are still sleeping. But all of us will have to open our eyes, wether we are ready or not.

Help each other by helping those closest to you that are open. If they are not open to hearing you, someone else will be. Usually, it will be a stranger. If someone comes to you for explanations and they are new to the truths, do not waste a single a minute and at the very least, point someone in the right direction. Encourage them to do their own research, and maybe offer them your friendship on social media. It really works when people see for themselves. Everyone is curious as to what is really going on. People intrinsically know that something is wrong, and has been wrong for most of their lives.

But that is about to change.

Once upon a time in America, Q Anon told us that the world was about to change. And Q was right.  It has changed and it will never, ever be the same again.

For once you see the light, you are no longer in the darkness.

Let there be light.


Carry it with your as you walk by faith.

Trust in God.

He is guiding us, this is His show. We are here to help Him.

Godspeed patriots!



Copyright 2019 Dilara Esengil, All Rights Reserved

*Images are not property of the author.

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  1. I had questions for years… but I have been awake since last fall! Thanks be to God, Q, & QAnon! I see God’s hand upon this nation – guiding Patriots by divine wisdom & revealing the evil that has been done in darkness for hundreds of years! Amazing time in world history… May the light continue to shine in every dark corner! Thank you! Our children now have a future & a HOPE!

  2. That is Beautiful! I can feel the divinity that I believe you were inspired by…Thank you for putting it to print…For what do We gain if we don’t in turn give away what The Father has Given us?…..

    • My e-mail is my desceaced father’s, my twitter is
      sallistrangdayz. Thank you again for your prayerful dedication to the Lord and this gathering of the remnant, and Q army. Even this old bat can contributebis different ways, prayer and spouting off being my gifts. I wanted to be your resume way back in the day. Now, thankfully I’m content with who I am and am becoming. Thanks again.

  3. You are becoming more beautiful by the day. Alas, my last three years of blood, sweat and tears came to a chilling end. Twitter eradicated my account. I can’t even get on Twitter. No reasons given, they will not allow me to even look at the feed. Most people realize that there is a war mentality in which those who are fighting the same fight will bond, like blood, like family. My CPTSD triggered, I thought of taking my life. Not because of Twitter, but because I lost a myriad of friends, including yourself, whom I could reach out and touch at any time. You patriots were my family. It isn’t fair, but life isn’t fair. I will pick up my cross and carry on in the truth movement for my brothers and sisters in Christ, and those not yet led to the only way, truth or life that is Jesus. I will sue Twitter, I will continue to write, and I hope to be a part of Field’s Children Crusade one day soon. Much love to you my friend. My email is dylanlover1@gmail.com

    • Yep. You got that right! They have a lot of dirty tricks up their sleeves, but they will still fail.
      Romans 8:31
      “If God is for us, who can be against us?”

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