Marbles & Jacks

Before there were cell phones,

We played with marbles and jacks,

All things now considered,

Ancient artifacts,


Hopscotch summers,

Ice-cream truck dreams,

Chalked up sidewalks,

Blazing hot asphalt beneath our feet,


No texting, no chatting,

Can ever replace,

The notes we passed,

In math class,

Almost always without,

A trace,


Ink and penmanship,

And English at best,

Was a language you’d learn,

Or not pass life’s test,


The next day we all talked,

About last night’s episode,

Of what was Dallas,

Or the Golden Girls,


The news was on paper,

We were not so reachable,

Somewhere between then and now,

Television truths,

Are becoming unteachable,


And although we were lied to,

Just as much then,

Communication will save us,

Or maybe then again…


Time seemed so much slower,

Growing older,

We thought was,



Record stores and library books,

Disco balls and old hip-hop hooks,

These are the things,

I will always miss,

Life’s first unforgettable,

Retroactive kiss,


A time of no Tinder,

No Bing,

Saying hello in person,

Was how you did things,


Cowboys and Indians,

Was a game history taught,

Until we realized what was really the truth,

And what was not,

What we bought,


The Age of Innocence,

Has never been,

Now we just know a little better,

About a smidgen more of almost,



The faster we go,

Seems the slower we get,

Change is good,

Growth is good,

But only without,

Intentional regret,


And though this past,

Is only a decade ago,

Not so fast,

Things were surely,

A time one day forgotten,

This will be.


~ Dilara Esengil

Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved


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  1. Thank you so much Dilara, I like this poetic evocation, always reinforced by your incomparable prosody.
    I appreciate, that you share your memories, in this way, as if you were conjuring, a future that remains uncertain…

    Like the Reminiscence of Proust’s madeleine, you take me back to childhood, with fragrances, Ice-creams, where I also played Knucklebones, jacks and marbles, reaching the “Heaven” square and returning to the “Earth” playing hopscotch…
    Surely, you are so nice and pure that you would have been my best girlfriend… If you read further, you will discover, why I am writing this…

    In fact, God has allowed me to keep this childhood “garden” intact and untouched, which enables me to continue to play…

    This time of innocence, we all experienced it, with joy. I love the way you evoke it… the trills in the modulation of your voice brought me back to the “forgotten” shores of this sublime childhood…
    Because, We, as children, had the faculty, to create a bubble, out of time, and to isolate us, from the deleterious nonsense of the supposedly ordered Society…
    The conformist society has always seemed, to me, ridiculous and even obscene…
    The rules we made, as children, were more natural and empathic than the adult world…

    Personally, I didn’t go to school, because I was too precocious (my parents knew that school would bring me too many afflictions)
    and we lived in heavenly places, which provided us with everything we needed…

    And I have discovered the Programming, the process of lobotomisation and subversion through the educational institutions, only very late…
    God and Nature taught me everything…
    I studied with my parents and Alone… which left me, a lot of time to play, with my friends, to dive and communicate “telepathically” with my facetious dolphins, who revealed beautiful things about Life…, to stroke the sharks and put them, in a state of tonic immobility during which they told me, the legend of Princess Tuihana, about Lono & Laka…, to surf the waves and to observe and study the Universe…

    Astronomy, Oceanography, Geology-Volcanology, Paleontology, Glaciology, Climatology/meteorology, Botany, Music and Ethnology were my muses, my companions, throughout these years… I love fundamental & empirical Science, and Arts because it’s a tangible way of showing the Truth that God teached Us…

    I was never vaxxed in my life, so, I was obliged, later, in my careers, to “contort” myself (by convincing by evidence, but also, alas, by falsifying, by paying money, by using dilatory strategies…) to escape their poisons…

    I had read, when I was a teenager, the works of A. Béchamp, and I had understood, very soon, that viruses were purely, a human construction… intended to weaken humanity, even to exterminate Us…
    One of the many shameless aberrations of this ordered society…
    The caBaal’s doctors (the most influencial) were the easiest to convince, because they knew the Truth… And, obviously, they advocated the opposite…

    But the CaBaal Assets always “respected”, or “executed ” those who knew the “dirty” secrets, about their most advanced Projects…

    Dilara, Do not regret anything, you are in completeness, don’t forget to F.L.Y (First Love Yourself)…
    Take care of you…

    Perhaps, dear Dilara
    are you the beautiful blossom & the ecstatic Persian princess, who were on my little asteroid b612… I had lost,when I fell from the sky… and I searched… since then, to the end of space and time…

    That’s what I’ve been told by my mischievous Delphian, a long time ago… Because they are more advanced than Humans…
    They know almost, all the answers, to the questions that Humans ask themselves… They know almost everything… Because Time, for them does not exist… So……………..[17]
    I will send you the details…
    On my return, from my God’s Mission…
    God bless you Dilara…
    We love you…

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