Marbles & Jacks

Before there were cell phones,

We played with marbles and jacks,

All things now considered,

Ancient artifacts,


Hopscotch summers,

Ice-cream truck dreams,

Chalked up sidewalks,

Blazing hot asphalt beneath our feet,


No texting, no chatting,

Can ever replace,

The notes we passed,

In math class,

Almost always without,

A trace,


Ink and penmanship,

And English at best,

Was a language you’d learn,

Or not pass life’s test,


The next day we all talked,

About last night’s episode,

Of what was Dallas,

Or the Golden Girls,


The news was on paper,

We were not so reachable,

Somewhere between then and now,

Television truths,

Are becoming unteachable,


And although we were lied to,

Just as much then,

Communication will save us,

Or maybe then again…


Time seemed so much slower,

Growing older,

We thought was,



Record stores and library books,

Disco balls and old hip-hop hooks,

These are the things,

I will always miss,

Life’s first unforgettable,

Retroactive kiss,


A time of no Tinder,

No Bing,

Saying hello in person,

Was how you did things,


Cowboys and Indians,

Was a game history taught,

Until we realized what was really the truth,

And what was not,

What we bought,


The Age of Innocence,

Has never been,

Now we just know a little better,

About a smidgen more of almost,



The faster we go,

Seems the slower we get,

Change is good,

Growth is good,

But only without,

Intentional regret,


And though this past,

Is only a decade ago,

Not so fast,

Things were surely,

A time one day forgotten,

This will be.


~ Dilara Esengil

Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved


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