No More Fat Bastards


So you want to be an actress. Or a musician. Or a dancer. Or something that involves entertainment.

Up until very recently, this was your first necessary step to stardom: your very own, personal hell-demon, Fat Bastard.

Yes, this was your gatekeeper to success. If you wanted your five minutes of fame (or more), cabalistic Hollywood is full of these people just waiting to take advantage of you.

Although not everyone in Hollywood is into the dark side of the Force, there are plenty of folks who are just sucked into the attraction of what evil first offers them: drugs, homes, money, bling …  Just like every other profession, entertainment still offers the good, the bad, and the really, really ugly. But there just happens to be a little more bad than good in Tinsel Town. After all, this place attracts all of the best and all of the worst. And everything in between. All of the things you hear about – the crooked and dark dealings of Hollywood are indeed true.

Up until recently, your only hope for a role on some major network program was directly proportional to the amount of self-respect you were willing to sacrifice to this Fat Bastard Phenomenon.

And then something tragic happened: the Internet.

Hollywood found itself scrambling to get in on the digital airways quickly. Around the early 2000’s, entertainment executives were thirsty for partnerships with Silicon Valley companies, like Netflix, Amazon, you name it. And indeed those partnerships were formed and the influences continue through what we once knew as the only “mainstream media”. Reaching far beyond your network and cable options, now mainstream media is also considerably anything you see from mainstream TV on Netflix, Apple TV: that’s called controlled programming.

You cannot trust “controlled programming”.

Think about that.

Someone decides what you see and what you don’t, on the news, after you come home from work, during your favorite sports match. Who is that person? Would you invite them into your living room to lecture your kids? Would you have them at your wedding?  I can tell you firsthand, most likely not.

So why let them tell you what to watch?

So it began. The freedom of information had started to flow as early as the 90’s when I was still a young, bright-eyed law student in San Francisco. The internet was taking its early, deep roots into our lives, surpassing the power of the boob tube that the cabal had planned years ago in an effort to program our minds.

Not all content is bad, obviously.

But why on earth would you let some unknown person decide what you put into your head?

Think for yourself, seek your own alternative programming. There is so much information out there to curate and view and learn from on your own. Any given day, the world is an information oyster at your fingertips. You are no longer at the mercy of Fat Bastards and their delusive, disguised programming.

Don’t listen to cabal-induced crappy radio music – follow your favorite artists on their own sites and support them through their own preferred platforms. Read and get an education online. Watch what you want to without commercials being shoved down your mind. So much you can do with the internet and no one is programming  your daily doses of information unless you let them. Choose your news sources wisely. And listen to your instincts (something Fat Bastards surely don’t want you doing).

But there is one thing they, the Dark side, cannot control: the immutable desire for people to connect in such a disconnected time. This has led us to more communication, increased knowledge, and a collective consciousness that can move mountains.  Did you know that if a bunch of human beings focus and meditate on the same thing (peace, love, beautiful things, results for positive change), we can actually make that happen? Dr. Emoto had been teaching us this for years before his passing in The Hidden Messages In Water.  The Yogi saints in India have known about this for millenniums. So did the Egyptians, and the Shaolin monks and the Ancient Greeks. But like Plato has taught us, and Jesus has confirmed, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5.

Elections have been lost and won over social media. Truth has become more resistant to lies and cover-ups than ever.

And finally, the Fat Bastards have been dying, like an old, tired Stegosaurus; like poison-laden foods; like lying, seething media news networks;  like smoking office men sexually harassing their secretaries in the 60’s [this doesn’t count if you live in Hollywood – the most liberal city in the world (smh)].

The power of the people to connect, like and dislike freely what they choose (and not what some slimly, Fat Bastard chooses for them) is literally eliminating Fat Bastards as we speak. Their power is waning, their control to exploit poor young pop stars and actors and truly talented people who come to this place with a dream and leave with STDs – that’s not the kind of Hollywood that people want anymore.

I know we all knock it, but hail to YouTube.

Hail to Craigslist.

Hail to social media.

And finally, but mostly, hail to the Truth!

And hail to you for taking the time to read this article and understand how important we all are to our own survival, our own evolution. Keep on keeping on about the truth, and nothing but, and watch the beauty unfold around you.

It’s time for people to shine on their own talent, and not on someone else with bastardly intentions exploiting that talent.

So down with the Fat Bastards!

Let truth and freedom to express you art, your freedom of choice, and your freedom to think for yourself and not be “programmed”, ring! 🛎


Dilara Esengil

Copyright 2017, All Rights Reserved

(Image of Fat Bastard not property of the author)

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