Cell Phone Break Up

We met over twenty years ago,

Young and so carefree,

And like every new relationship,

We were on our best behavior,

Like we were supposed to be,


It was new and full of fire.

Ready for the world – just us two,

Times were changing,

Tech was raging,

It seemed like the right thing to do.


Ah, the whispers of sweet nothings,

In my static-free ear,

No lost connections,

No ill intentions,

Just our plans: free and clear.


When all the chatter died down,

The slow vibration of that late night,

Humming sound,

Our relationship bloomed and blossomed it seemed,

When no one but only us,

Was around,


But as the years passed on by,

I was taken for granted,

I felt neglected,

All that loyalty,

And to add insult to injury,

You stole from me,

My heart.


So as soon as I started getting more calls,

More texts, more emails,

More social media pals,

You didn’t like that,

Not one bit,

Not at all.


The competition stepped up,

You know, that one who hangs around like he’s your friend,

Secretly hoping for us to end,

Oh yes,

That shit’s real,

Not pretend.


And so my calls were always dropped,

The texts never came,

Or they were always too late,

I could see the doomed fate,

Of our love about to fail,

Down the trail,

Of communication,




I am now,

On new horizons,

With Verizon!

(I’m willing to pay the extra costs).


Goodbye my dear Sprint,

We all get the hint,

You were the longest relationship I have had to end,

Twenty years and then some,

Looks like you’re the one,

Who ran out of minutes,

On my plan,

And then some.



Copyright 2016 Dilara Esengil All Rights Reserved



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