Santa Cruz

Summer in my hometown,

How I miss the merry-go-round,

The smell of sandy oceans,

In everyone’s hair,

How did I dare,

Grow up,

And out of there?


Salt-water taffy dreams,

It seems,

Like it was lifetimes ago,

Just yesterday,

In the streets we’d play,

Games of summers gone,

To the winds of childhood’s,



When I close my eyes,

In this concrete jungle,

All I can smell,

I can see,

Are the eyes of the dolhpins,

Staring back,

At a reflection of me,


Wave after wave,

Flow the lessons of life,

Barely partitioned,

I found myself,

The Time-Traveller’s ex-wife.


Ice-cream grade,

Can you keep up with my pace?

Ball of confusion,

Teenage transfusion,

To adulthood,

Gasping, but somehow still alive,

All of these melodies,

Always playing in my,

1980’s mind,



I miss you,

It is time.


8.3.16 Dilara Esengil Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved

(*Photocredit: )

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