“Us and Them”

I grew up in the 1970’s and that was a time where there was still a BIG separation between Black and White. Even though America (and especially, California) was going, like a lost giant tortoise in the desert, in the right direction in some ways, the divide of culture and color was still prolific during my childhood.

I also grew up watching lots of 1970’s tv and that included the Academy Awards where everyone was definitely a different color than Soul Train or Solid Gold (shows I used to boogie down to with Grandma while she cooked dinner and little me and her would take breaks to dance).

Back then, and before then, there was all sorts of wrong (you can read about it in what’s called human history), and to our surprise, that giant tortoise has not really made much progress even though its been moving as fast as it can.

The terrain, not the tortoise, turns out to be the issue.

Snoop Dogg recently told the “Academy” to GFY.

And everyone made it about race. But you know what he is really saying? He’s telling people that NO. He is not going to act the way they tell him to anymore, especially for race or for whatever. That’s right. That kind of thought belongs nowhere in the heart of humankind. Race issues just add more flame to the fire. The real problem is the thinking.

Enough of this Us and Them. There is no such thing. There is only humanity. There is only ONE.

We are HUMANS living on EARTH. The ONLY planet we have (at least for now). This the fulcrum on which our thinking must find balance. I know its a big planet, but it’s only as big as you make it. Thought can change quickly and for the better is the direction in which we are traveling collectively or else none of us would be here.

There is no separation between us and that’s what this man is saying. Stop the separation. Realize that you are allowed to think for yourself and stop listening to the wrong voices. You are a part of the whole.

We are all one. 12631269_980936951942555_807108508717530373_n

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