It was 1986,
And I was nine plus six,
Money was a little more thick,
And the microwave,
Was here to stick,

After school,
Didn’t matter who was cool,
And who was hot,
We all made-out,
In the teachers parking lot,

Huey was the News,
And polka dots,
Were on the spot,
Madonna was still a virgin.
Maybe not.

Laverne and Shirley,
Cracker Jacks,
Reruns of Different Strokes and,
The Facts of Life,
Back to back,

Watermelon Now & Laters,
Our favorite after school snack,
Always struggling to fit,
Our Trapper Keepers,
In to our blue canvas,

The 80’s,
Just maybe,
The best years of our,
Growing Pains,
When the X generation,
Decided that nuclear weapons,
Were totally lame,

Hooked on Phonics,
A New Wave of,
of Top Gun,
Plate Tectonics,

Hairspray was in,
Disco was not,
An era of bands,
Some of which,
We gladly,

Music was what you think,
You now call “goth”,
Or so you thought,
Careless Whispers,
MJ’s Thriller,
Hair was so metal,
Hip was so Hop,

The Super Mario theme,
The Tetris soundtrack,
After a while of playing that game,
Real life started to look like,
Move, shift and stack,

Pegged pants and safety pins,
Shoulder pads and Romulans,
Dungeons and Dragons,
The waterbed,
Still tryin’ to get,
The Safety Dance,
Out of my head,

No iPads,
No cell phones,
No internet,
Fresh air and real friends,
Slip-On Vans and,

All of that acid wash,
We surely don’t miss,
About you,
Walked This Way,
Into this exponentially digitized,
Back to this Future,
Alphanumeric display,
Of time.
So sublime,
It’s been,
Remembering me,





– 2/3/2014

Copyright 2015 Dilara Esengil All Rights Reserved

(Image not property of the Author)

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