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Dilara Esengil is an attorney from California who worked as a private consultant to high level executives across a broad spectrum of industries, including but not limited to technology, food and beverage, raw materials, logistics, distribution, entertainment and various international private and governmental agencies.

Connecting people and ideas, marketing and communication have always been second nature for Ms. Esengil. As she reads us an excerpt from her book, soon to be published, “Love Goat”,  she states “I was collecting signatures from not only my classroom but from all of the elementary school classes at the age of five to save the Harp Seals.”

Organizing people, thoughts and creating harmony and success in every project she undertakes, Dilara has taken a unique approach to marketing. Growing up in the Bay Area where she attended UC Berkeley, Dilara’s studies in Philosophy, physics and mathematics, in part under the direction of one of the greatest Philosophers of our time, Prof. John Searle, has had a profound influence on her life. Although her early legal career began in criminal law,  Ms. Esengil broadened her decade-long experience in SVU  into a solo practice in the Bay Area.  She later started X Marketing, Inc.: a nationwide branding and marketing agency. During her years as CEO and founder, Dilara maintained a small law practice on the side. Her company celebrated fifteen years of marketing major, worldwide brands.

Currently, Ms Esengil resides in Southern California. A good distance from her skateboarder-beach-girl roots, Ms. Esengil laughs as she recounts the places she has lived. A Santa Cruz native, her choice to attend UC Berkeley was a sort of homage to her small hometown.

Personally, Ms. Esengil values her private time as her career is spent profitably connecting people wherever she goes. Her passion, however, lies in the arts. She is set on doing big things for humanity and animals; not a far path travelled from her Harp seal efforts. Her true gift (although I think she has many), she claims, is in the form of ink and paper. “I’m a writer,” she says. “I wrote my first book at the age of five. By thirteen, I had written my second one.” Although it has been a roundabout journey in getting her first novel published, she looks at all the different things she has done, and states, “Well, that’s just life. You get to where you are going by keeping your goals in sight.”

And just what is Dilara’s goal and passion?

“To change the world and make it a better place than when I first arrived here some years ago.”

Currently, Ms. Esengil is pursuing the truth and nothing but. Her quest to educate the public and share her knowledge with humanity is her current mission for only the truth shall set us free.


Content and Image(s) Copyright © 2021, Dilara Esengil, All Rights Reserved

*** Biography originally written by Irony James ****

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  1. I met Dilara almost two(2) years ago when we both were looking at a picture of a man with his head stuck up an elephant’s ass. We both wrote a comment in regard to the picture and seem to instantly become friends. We seemed to be genetically matched in a lot of ways. She allowed me to read Love Goat and I knew instantly that she was a very talented young lady who wasn’t going to let anything stop her from goals. I feel so very fortunate to be considered a friend of Dilara.

  2. I love having you as a neighbor and a friend…i’ll miss you as a neighbor. Can’t wait to see my chapter in Love Goat:
    “I met Jon Mankuta as his fame as an actor and voice-over artist first rose to conquer Hollywood…yes, I knew him when…” 😉

  3. A large percentage of of what you claim is astonishingly accurate and that makes me wonder why I had not looked at this in this light previously. This particular article truly did switch the light on for me personally as far as this particular subject goes. However at this time there is actually 1 issue I am not necessarily too comfortable with so while I try to reconcile that with the central theme of the point, allow me observe just what the rest of the readers have to say.Very well done.

  4. Just wanted to say I enjoy reading your threads on Twitter. There aren’t too many people focusing on love, so keep it up. We’re winning and it’s going to get a whole lot better.

  5. Dilara has changed my life…forever. I knew instantly she was a one-of-a-kind genuine gift of God. She lives her life with a spirit of love, intelligence and is a bright light in the darkness of our world.

  6. Dilara, I tried to get poems to you but on the blog the formatting is lost. Is there a way I can do this – an address which would accept an attachment? (We were in touch on Twitter over my books “We the People” I, II and III but I’m not on there now.) I believe I am able to put in words what many are feeling in this interregnum time. Cheers, mikethebee michaelburton999@yahoo.com.au

  7. Hello Dilara, this is Bobbyb199, just one of your many fans and followers from Twitter. Yes I’m a twitter quitter 😊, don’t need them but sure got used to reading from several of my favorite people, one of which was you. You always kept things interesting, witty, and real at the same time. Glad I found your blog.

    • Hi Bobby! Thank you for finding me. Ya, they trashed my account of over 50K followers the same day that they axed Gen Flynn and Sidney so I went down with excellent company. Then Potus so it was a blessing. That place feels like an empty graveyard now. Many of us are on Telegram but Im only on the blog. God bless you! Keep talking, keep fighting! We WIN!

      • well being cancelled along with flynn and potus is an honor lol. Keep up the good fight sister, we are winning.

  8. Loved that short video from your post yesterday of President Trump turning away from the reporter and raised his hands as he looked up and said “I am the chosen one”.

  9. I just found you on the interview with Linda Parris. I honestly think that there is nobody in the world I would rather meet than you. May I ask about the Paladians? Are they here helping us?

  10. Just watching Linda’s show. This is amazing stuff. Hard to accept for sure…the sooner exposed completely the better. Rip off the bandage fast.

  11. Dilara,
    You & Linda rock! Great talk about Hollyweird, C_A, mind control connection. You are right, we do not have the language to describe these creatures. I’ve been following Jeffrey Smith & the whole GMO corruption for years, so it is no surprise that it is going on w/ all life forms.

    Keep on blessing us with your wisdom & inspiring us with your courage! The divine feminine is getting stronger & helping our beautiful planet return to it’s balanced state.

  12. “Bag of Dicks”….Few (meaning only 2) will understand this…..sorry, Couldn’t help it but after being triggered by the quoted / noted phrase into an episode of pretty hysterical laughter, not once, but thrice over 2 days. I had to thank one the individuals responsible for this bit of lightheartedness which originally occurred almost a year ago. A memory of a day which was full of some very heavy laughable episodes in spite of being in the middle of researching some very intense subject matter regarding our Freedom and its future. For it to have such an affect on me today only reinforces its significance in my data bank of memorable experiences which is now filed under the heading “Laugh A Little”.

    So, just wanted to say Thank YOU! (And You know who you are…. 😉

  13. I’m asking for your help to expose Massive Cheating scandal on the CA BAR Exam by the CA BAR Examiners (yes, the ones giving the CA BAR EXAM) along with notable University Law School Deans and Professors. I’m asking for your help to expose this going back 10 to 15 years or more. Thanks

  14. good afternoon, i only discovered you thru your conversations with Ms. Paris, i now look forward to those talks each week,,i am new at becoming awake since oct 2020, now i spend much time searching for info on whats going on today in this beautiful world of ours. please keep the info coming,i do not partake in any social media . it is the downfall of america . stay healthy my dear friend and best wishes from Florida . Tom

  15. does anyone have any accurate intell if UN troops are actually in Canada looking to move south over our border , what would the White Hats do? tks

  16. Dear Dilara,
    I’m just listening to your excellent interview with Linda Paris, and I think you’ve hit on the key to something – the programming, and how it works. I think I cracked this. After many years of work. I’m a writer in the UK (with work done across Europe and in US as well as UK), a VERY long-time truther, and desperate to get this research/insight to people – and its fundamental simplicity – because the ‘hack’ on reality that’s been perpetrated is SO much simpler than we realize, and part of the trick is to make us think it’s complex. Simpler even that an inversion. I think you would instantly get it. Please please get back to me and I could set it out in a pretty short email by return. I think it’s astonishing. With thanks (I hope in advance) – Nick Whitby, UK.

  17. Hi Dilara 😀 I tried submitting an email on your website but I didn’t receive confirmation of it actually going through, so will just comment on here. (My apologies if this is not a duplicate)

    I found you on Linda Paris’s bitchute – thank you so much for sharing all of your info, I’ve been binging your two lovely ladies’ interviews. I had a suggestion/request for a topic, the Girardi case.. I am guessing you are familiar, living in L.A but also being an attorney. I personally have always enjoyed the Housewives franchise, and BH is one of my favourites.The more I hear about Erika and the entire case… Sounds like Tom is one of those deep state players…?? And speaking of the BH housewives…do you have any knowledge about Kyle Richards (Kathy Hilton’s sister) Kyle and and Kim (the other sister) were child stars, Kim has always had a substance abuse issue (is it the chrome? Is it MK Ultra?) Kathy Hilton…her daughter is married to a disgusting Roth… I feel like there is so much to unpack here.

    Thank you Dilara, all the best.

  18. Hey Dilara!
    I wanted to share this video that posted today on BitChute. Your piece on Linda’s channel about blood diamonds fascinated me but I couldn’t find anything on it other than 1 comment on a Pickton PigFarm doc.
    Thought it may give you more info, tho I presume you, unfortunately, know more than you ever wanted to. Just in case you need to direct Linda or others like her & me who can’t get enough gore in their daily routine; it may come in handy.
    Thanks for all you do, for being a light thru these dark times & for keeping Circle-back Snarky circling back on topic. She’s a mess!😂 I love & appreciate you both. Hope the vid plays.



  19. i thought i was the only patriot left in cali !
    been fighting at all levels since 90s and paid
    dearly as i had no media in those days to reach
    large audiences. ive been on inside of many large
    entities as HL consultant + right hand man to
    SEVERAL billionaires.
    finally 2001 lost EVERYTHING in my battles
    often surviving on streets, in mex ghettos,
    u name it, but while not enlisted, merc since
    1974, had friends n gigs EVERYWHERE, BIZ,
    GOV,MIL, PDs all over, fbi, +++
    i was blacklisted 2001 but working
    with white hats all over, even homeless
    unpaid but my work has been off the grid

    i could tell lots and im nonexistent now to
    family and old friends, just a memory…
    i was beaten blinded 90% & left for dead
    july 2010,escaped back to LA, “mostly” on
    my own, the invisible man, many battles…
    but thanks to my many works in entertainment
    i still kept in touch with big names, hollywood

    i finally crashed hard in venice from too
    many hard battles and 2010 80% heart
    reconstruction , 2 brain clots and 50%
    paralysis. homeless “cleanup” wiped
    out a lot of my street muscle
    and now im a virtual but real prisoner
    of black hats, bedridden, meager social
    security confiscated april this year,only
    had since 2018…no $, they keep all of
    it thinking i would just die.. but im war
    hardened since 5 yrs old…
    blocked and attacked all sides…
    denied help 30+attorneys, IG, SSA,

    ON MY LAST LEGS & outta time…
    last hopes have been veritas, papparazi,
    scattered allies… found u guys.

    reaching out… not only SS $ CONFISCATED
    ALL BLACK HAT… but ive been a mark
    many yearsw.
    but.. being street so long… i have HUGE
    a lot of things revealed.

    would LOVE contact, dialog, HELP??
    from anybody here b4 my declining
    health takes me away…
    god bless and many thanks and prayers 🙏🙏🙏
    O.G. Mick, venice beach
    mikolavision ALL OVER but *****************
    msg same at gmail.com

    myy last appeals out this week.
    im spent in every way surviving no $,
    mailbox sabotaged, no bank acct…
    and health issues.

    keep up the good works 🙏🙏🙏👍💪😇

  20. Atm watching McAllister’s tv truth with sarge and linda paris im born and raised in the 805 san luis Obispo county ca so on that note san fran -sodom. los Angeles-gamora.
    New york- babbel just sayin love your stuff

  21. Thank you for all you are doing in this war. I’m a fellow socal, native patriot working in the hardware industry as a buyer and living in the south bay area where the ports are.
    I’m seeing it all with my own eyes, the helo’s that fly low, and just wed in my local next-door, someone in Carson posted vid of 5 helo’s on blackout and been happening all last week.
    I travel up to San Pedro on weekends to check the ports and ocean.
    Light and Love!

    • THANK YOU LAURA! Ill read this tonight on the podcast! God bless you and I really appreciate your testimonial, your patriotism and your quest for TRUTH! God bless you! #WWG1WGA

  22. So I wanted to share something with you that happened as the pandemic in 2020 started, this would be March, and I was working for a delivery company, and I went into a Restaurant that I delivered food for a-lot. As I came into the restaurant one of my buddies whom is also a delivery driver was talking to an older man with a cowboy hat and this guy was larger than life, he was engaged in a spirited conversation discussing the pandemic etc. “I came out to see how the public was doing!” he stated, and eventually stated that he is retired from the government.
    He didn’t state what he did, but I do think it was military intelligence. He went on to state that this whole thing is manufactured, and as you look back that is when we started to hear them taking out underground bases. He said, “I have been underground at some bases, and they do exist.”
    I then asked him about the queen or monarchy, because at that time something was going on then, and he said to me, “the monarchy is not needed anymore, and it’s been taken down.”
    Unfortunately I had to run, didn’t get his information, but I did provide mine, but it would be great to of asked him more questions. It seemed he was checking out how we were doing, and it was just before the big lockdowns when most businesses closed except essential ones. Thought I would share my insights as well as this is true. We are living in this!!! WWG1WGA!!!

  23. Hi Dilara
    I really enjoy the podcasts with you and Linda Paris.
    I appreciate all the insights you both share that help all of us to keep the flame of freedom alive.
    In this comment I wanted to leave my humble contribution about something that caught my attention recently.
    About one week ago I was looking for general clues to make more sense of what is going on out there and started to review face pictures from the 1980’s of a certain senator from Delaware who is now supposedly running the show in DC from the Executive Mansion there.
    I then compared those face pictures with the man currently and supposedly running the show in DC and I found a feature in both faces that made me think of a smoking gun for those who need proof of the fraud the people of this country ( and the world) are being subjected to.
    Please take a look at the right ear lobe of both characters and you will see how different they are. The man from the senate has a distinctly defined free ear lobe, whereas the older man in DC has a distinctly attached ear lobe.
    There are many, many pictures online where you can compare and draw conclusion on my observations.
    I understand that you are a lawyer and who probably has a ton of experience in forensics, so this could be an interesting analysis to embark on.
    Although I always suspected they were not the same person, I did not have any PROOF.
    Whatever happenned to the original man from Delaware?
    Maybe some day we will know.

    Many blessings

  24. Hey Dilara
    I thought your comments with Maria Benardis a few days ago, regarding the Internet should be a battlefield for opinions and truth you don’t want a one sided Truth channel, but want destroy the opposition with truth, it’s like you’re a lion hunting for prey and not wanting to catch that lame 2 legged zebra at the back of the herd as there’s no fun in that, was quite an analogy. Had me chuckling at that all day.
    Stay strong sister, you’re doing a great job.
    Love from Scotland, UK
    Mr T

      • Spotify Fistful of Laughs 02/16/22 SALLY, that girl!

        Hillarious! Maybe you could advise Catfish to get Sally some Chapstick Lip Balm from Walmart or a used one from EBay.The same one Big Mike used daily on B.O. would be advised to reduce chaffing and swelling for public appearances. It would have made a great Super Bowl ad! Opportunity missed LOL
        Stay safe in the ongoing madness, Miss D
        Love from the Scots Patriot,
        Mr T

  25. Hello!
    I am just curious, have you received any comments or pics from anyone witnessing arrests from the A Team (good guys)! I’d love to hear about these things. I’ve never seen one factual shred of evidence other than pics pasted together, or a paragraph written by someone. If there’s been thousands of arrests it seems like we could at least be given something to believe in. Idk. I probably sound stupid to you. I hope I haven’t annoyed you by asking you this.

  26. I’d like to support this podcast but I would prefer sending it by mail. If you ever have an option for that, please do share. Thanx

  27. Hello once again:
    Please correct my thinking if I’m wrong because I’m a little bit not sure of this assention subject.
    The Bible leads us to think Jesus will come back in the clouds and call the believers up to be spared by the tribulation. That’s how I understand it and I also know I could be mistaken.
    I’ve heard you say the non believers will be leaving the planet.
    I guess I assumed you believed we are in Revelations.
    I just need to understand if this is two totally different subjects or not.
    I’m not trying to offend you or anything. Please just if you have a little information to help me get on the same page you’re on. I really do put a lot of stock in the information you give us. Your words feel genuine to me anyway. Have a blessed day, Thankx

    • Yes I believe exactly what you said. I think we do not the how the when the why and the way – but I believe we will be “taken up” in some form – that is to be defined by God and yes I do believe the Lord is on His way. God bless you patriots! Love and WWG1WGA JESUS IS THE WAY!

  28. I hate to spam ya’ll with this but it’s the only way to share it because you can’t advertise this stuff at all without getting your accounts banned and probably be put on the same list I’m on but you probably on it already. They poisoning all of us though so This may be helpful If you or someone you know may need to try this you can go here to learn more https://cutt.ly/Heavy-metal-nano-detox Some people experiencing positive results using this.

  29. May I ask an opinion? I realize you are not a financial advisor. I’m struggling in my heart and mind. I have a small amount in an ira. If the economy tanks I realize that will be gone. I have heard the quantum system is already in place but who really knows. I am halfway decided to just close it out pay off my debts and just hold the rest. Would the new gold backed system go into place quickly or does it seem likely it would take 6-12 months to come into play? Would a person still be required to make mortgage payments when the Swift system goes BOOM? Do you have any idea what kind of scenario would play out? Your thoughts? Thanks for any tidbit of opinions you have.

    • Hi Rebecca. I am tapped out and at zero. Bankruptcy really helped it all after this COVID mess. An attorney who can’t live in the matrix. It’s going to be a WHILE before there is any such financial relief. I say not at LEAST until 2025…. that is my personal opinion based on my analysis of facts that are in my possession. I have no way of answering that question with accuracy as truly NO ONE but POTUS and a few know that answer. And even then, it depends on so many variables. QFS is indeed in place. That I know. The gold backing thing – not in the time frame you are describing. We still have people who think BIDEN is real. We have some who think they are talking with Jesus and others are flying to the next solar system on imaginary spacecraft. Then you have the rest of the people breathing the matrix in daily who cannot let go. In order for us to reap the rewards of what is promised by God to humanity, the demons must first be removed. That will come in time. I feel you sister. I really do. I had to let it alllll go. God said do it and I did. Everything is gone. But I have gained everything by letting go. I trust He will provide for us. Not an easy ride, but if you endure till the end… 🙂 You know the rest of that story. Don’t listen to these people who are promising you dates, times or amounts. They are all liars. Listen to HIM. He will guide you. And if you need a friend, I’m always here. What state are you in? Are you in Cali by any chance? d

      • I’m in southern Indiana. I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to reply. I truly think very highly of your take on everything. You’ve been a blessing to me bc you are fearless when you speak your truths. I’m a loner and recluse. Lol. I really love being on my own and I’m not very good with people. I’ve been blessed many times over and I’ve always believed in God. Enough about me. I really miss your podcasts but I understand. Take care and be safe. Beckster😎

      • Thank you! Thank YOUUUU for writing to ME! I have no way of knowing whose listening and what people are thinking unless I hear from them! So I am grateful just as you are! The podcasts are BACK and now on this platform! YAY!

      • Hi Dilara,

        I love your Secrets of Celebrities podcasts. If you are able to resume these podcasts, I would love if you could do a Secrets of the Celebrities podcast on Michael Jackson. I have always felt that his death was not as it was reported. Please keep providing us with the celebrity podcasts. They are great!! I realize how hard it is for you since you are being censored. I have learned so much from you and I read your blogs and I listen to your podcasts. You are a blessing to so many of us.

      • It’s a deal! Let’s talk about MJ next week! Tune in I’ve made a note! Thank you for being here. Your support is much appereciated. God bless you Dora. #WWG1WGA

  30. Hi Dilara,
    I love your Secrets of the Celebrities podcasts. I would love it if you would consider doing a Secrets of the Celebrities podcast on Michael Jackson. I have always felt that his death was not the way it was reported. I truly enjoy reading your blog and listening to your podcasts. I have learned so much from you. You are a blessing to so many of us.

  31. I told myself I was going to stop bothering you with my pitiful self but here I am again more pitiful than before. Lol. I realize now that Trump isn’t going to grow the balls to comeback with a vengeance. He’s just likely another cheerleader. I’m tired I’m old and I realize this nesara thing is just never going to happen. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. I just thank you for giving all of us the opportunity to choose truth from your blog. I’ve made my decision. I just have very little to offer in reality but I know I want to be as close to God as I can get when I leave this place. I will share your info to my last breath. I’m not into self destruction so don’t get any bizarre ideas. Thank you so much for giving all of us the opportunity to get some closure. You are my favorite warrior.

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