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  1. Thank you Dilara for keeping in touch with me, and for all you hard work you do in spreading truth and red pilling people.
    Keep up the awesome job! It’s Happening!
    Trust God. Trust Q. Trust Trump. Trust the Plan. God wins!!!

  2. Followed you on Twitter….I must remain incognito for the sake of my job and the position I hold in the company I work for…sad…but true…I seek you out to get info…keep up the good work, Dilara…you’re a life line to all Patriots!

  3. Thank You Dilara for helping in this fight to expose these demonic cabal thugs. I have been fighting very hard for many years to expose the treasonous traitors in DC and the Reptiles in Hollywood. Im glad they are all being dealt with finally. It is hilarious to watch the Deep state media trying to trot out the clones and doubles of some scumdogs aka celebs who are no longer among us. It’s not working. The light is shining on all of their evil to little children and mankind. The coming days are glorious for those of us awake. Im having resistance by the sheep , so I walk on. Lions dont walk with sheep. God Bless You

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