Human 101: What They Don’t Teach You In School


I thought that as I got older, things would make sense and I would gain a better understanding of life.

Maybe, with this newfound knowledge, I would even start to understand this human race.

But every passing birthday, these fluffy, nice-smelling ideals seem to go out the window.

Don’t get me wrong.

I know, work with, and love some amazing homosapiens.

But really, almost all of our stress in society IS created by humans. Other humans.

You can only control yourself in this life. There is no one else you can control. There is no point in deluding yourself that in fact, you are really controlling anything.

But you can control yours actions, your thoughts and how you affect and react to everything.

So that’s the ultimate study: the study of the self, which in this country, before the Internet was born, was overlooked, to put it lightly,

What has happened to the humans on this planet?

A lot.

We have become more connected than ever. We are readily and instantaneously able to communicate with each other on a whim through the Internet.

Some people (I like to preemptively call them the Peoplesaurus Extinctus) complain that technology is ruining everything; that we don’t see enough of each other in person.

I disagree.

We see much more of each other online. Through the advent of social media, blogging, sharing, knowing, reading, learning, talking, chatting, texting, liking, and even dissing, we are able to share what matters to us. Sharing our thoughts with each other is what will take us to the next level; seeing that others are tolerant, makes us learn tolerance. Understanding our differences blurs and erases the lines of our prejudice. Seeing what is acceptable and what is unacceptable will set new standards and help us become more human, more responsible and more accountable for our existence. Our survival depends on each other, and with that in mind, the gaps that once fueled the fire of ignorance through isolation are now being bridged by the technological advances that we, as a race, have created in an effort to prolong our existence.

Those who are late or non-adapters to technology will become extinct one day. The one thing we simply cannot evolve without is communication.

I often wonder how the human race is going to come to the conclusion that we are ONE race on the same spinning planet. What sort of events will have to befall humankind in order for the world to get on the same page?

Here I am sitting on train riding up the state of California while someone else in the African bush is getting ready to spear their dinner. While I dine with my western utensils, someone in the Amazon is using hand-carved tools and wood fires to prepare food for their village. And as I surf the internet, and look at pictures of all of these other human beings from once so-distant lands, I realize just how not distant they are.

Beautiful in its extremities, yet frightening in its ignorance, humankind is surely on the verge of a global, unanimous evolutionary step.

(Ten bucks Darwin is sitting back in his heavenly recliner, eating pop corn and eagerly watching in wonderment to see how this will all go down).

To imagine that there are people killing each other over mistaken, archaic beliefs and their inabilities of letting go of the past is truly phenomenal. Just like the next person, as much as I would like to imagine a world where everyone would just get along, I am afraid that kind of reality lies ahead in a distant future.

For those optimists out there who may beg to differ, it will take lifetimes for this to become a reality; for the human race to bond together as one and let go of their differences. Maybe one day when we all realize that we are indeed (and have always been) human beings traveling through time, we will finally come to the much needed realization that we are the stars, the moon, the eternal light just in different forms, shapes and sizes.

But for this to happen, we have more than a long way to go.

The only way we can hope for accelerated results is to expect the unexpected. And with the rate at which we are progressing technologically, we may just as well hope to have accelerated our rate of evolving humanistically.

The only way we will know is, like almost everything else (for now at least), to wait and see.

And until then, don’t forget to enjoy the ride.

That’s a big part of why we are here to begin with.


~ Dilara Esengil

Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved

(Image not property of the Author; Photocredit CBS news)

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