Friends ‘Till The End ©

You told me that you’d be,
My friend till the end,
So I added you here,
As my Facebook friend,

At first,
You were fine,
“Liking” a post here,
And there,
Of mine,

You didn’t call,
You didn’t text,
Or bother me at all,
You kept your due distance,
Just your little square face,
On my electronic wall,
But I fear,
That was never your plan after all…

Your cool was fast-slipping,
I thought I was trippin’,
Over your social media game,
I mean,
Are you for real?
Do your people exist?
After Farmville money and strictly digi-fame?

Well as it turns out,
Your face was pretend,
That you were Janet,
Not Jack,
And you were plotting my end,

But how did I miss,
The chap-ped evil,
In your thin, rigid lips?
Or the bitter-pissed stare,
Your hirsute, she-devil glare?

So I selected “Unfriend”,
Which was futile at best,
Since all you did next,
Was send me a well-disguised,
Fake friend request,

So you left me no choice,
I blocked you.
The End.
But just in case,
I also clicked:
“Get help from a friend”,

Of course one would think,
That at this point you’d vanish,
Into the virtual abyss,
Of those I had banished,

But just as night falls,
You rose from the Block-List,
You re-entered my wall,
This time not as human,
But as a pet parrot:
“Hubert Alexander Paul”.

So I shut down my profile.
Took some time off.
Travelled the REAL world,
Learned how to play golf.

Then one day,
I googled my name,
And up came,
My old Facebook page,
Once again!

How could this be?
I thought I’d erased,
All electronic footprints of me?
But there it was,
Up for everyone in their mother to see,

Did this fake me,
Have any fake friends,
Or fake family?
Oh, but I must look and see!

And to my surprise,
My friends,
Were still there,
The numbers seemed right,
But something was strange,
A little deranged,
As I clicked on each friend,
All but one had changed.

They were all you,
All of the other,
Two-thousand and two,

I sat in dismay,
At the course of my day,
I should have known,
That your promise,
Did not bend,
Even though I tried to run,
You were still,
My friend ’till,
The End.

2013 Copyright Dilara Esengil, All Rights Reserved

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