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In 2013 I started blogging here due to a Facebook post that had been removed by Fuckerberg Has Lizard Tits. It was my first real experience of social media censorship that pissed me off so much, I took to the blog to get my voice heard.

Back then, I was not brave enough to say what I really thought online. 

In fact, like the rest of us, I was not keen with speaking my mind as I feared it would lead to losing my job and much moar. 

Well, fast forward to 2022, all of the above and then some, has come true. 

Try being a former criminal attorney Once Upon A Time In Pedowood and speaking truths about Blood Diamonds, Blood Currency and topics like Human Cloning & Baphomet Genetic Manipulation.

Appearances on some respectable (and some not so respectable and hence not listed here) hosted online “shows” like The Sean Morgan Report: Hollywood Cult Exposure sealed the deal for this girl who was always an outlier that didn’t walk with crowds running in the wrong direction. 

Sheep No More !

It is true that holding this line keeps getting harder and harder every day. We are all wondering when is this going to ever end? 

The answer is not an easy one: never. 

POTUS has been telling us how this show is not going to stop but no one seems to be listening. If you have not already heard my decodes with Snack Anon, you should read all the articles and listen to the corresponding podcasts like this one: TRIPLE POTUS DECODE PART 3: FDR – The New Deal! Blackouts! WHO IS GENERAL “RAZIN” CAIN?! Tesla, Windburn, Soylent Green, and MOAR!

(Sadly, we had to stop doing these because less creative folks were stealing our content and repacking it, rebranding it as their own and selling it you with a twist of clown juice.)

You have enough in these decodes to understand and figure out what is going on. 

Remember to always use your discernment and Be Careful Who You Follow.

The fight for freedom is always, ongoing and eternal. Good and evil will never cease to exist, in a never ending duality and fight for control, I rest my faith in Almighty Father God that He knows our hearts, for He tells us outright I Have Plans To Prosper You and indeed His will be done, amen. 🙏🏼✝️🔥

I never thought that years later, I would find myself in this situation when I posted the first article (now removed) in 2013. 

The thought control and weak willed eggshell mentality of this soy tits generation that can’t handle the truth was what led me to post the first article on this blog called: 

WHY I WILL NEVER GO TO BURNING MAN (the original post from FaceBook).

There was a post that went with the picture below but I had to remove it for privacy reasons since I made some personal statements that would compromised my own personal security and that of people I know. 

However, here is the original post (with some information blacked out for privacy reasons) that began my journey to exercise my First and Foremost Amendment Right under the USC – THE RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH! (which POTUS reminds us daily is under attack):

Originally removed from my personal FB page (which no longer exists) in 2013 by some soyboy or bad-hair-dye sally who just couldn’t handle my words!

Needless to say, I lost a lot of weak willed friends who were never really friends but people who just stuck around because they needed something from me. 

And that was just the beginning.

Almost ten years later, I’ve almost eliminated everyone but a handful of folks from my rolodex of matrix friends past. And you know what? It’s the most freeing feeling ever. 

I didn’t realize that in 2013 I would spend the rest of my life saying it like it is. But when I look back to life pre-POTUS 2016 and what we might call The Great Awakening (and not The Great Mistakening – soon to become The Great Deluge), I was only working to make enough money to check out of the matrix one day. 

After all, wasn’t that everyone’s dream?

To win the lottery and never have to deal with sheeple ever again?

We The People Demand Freedom From Stupid Sheeple!

But the rabbit holes are endless and who would have ever thought this was beyond a worldwide criminal cabal abducting and murdering us and our children? 

Oh, so many heads are gonna roll and there will be so much I Told You So.

Now that I lost my job, my business and my “brand safe” reputation, I get a “um, no I don’t think we can hire you although you are overqualified for the position.”

My faith in God is unyielding. 

My love for Jesus Christ is the same. 

I was saved from my deathbed in 2006 by the good Lord Himself. I will never forget that moment nor the message he gave me: you work for me and me only. And amen that I do! 🙏🏼✝️♥️

And trust me when I say I know that Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming. 🔥✝️⚖️


I never thought that I would find myself here, with the rest of us that can palate truth, unfiltered, raw and untainted. So many cannot handle the truth and want to embrace the circus, the actors, the lies, the deceivers. We know who they are. And so do they. And so does God. 

Almost ten years later, I found myself not only banned from Facebook, but now I am no longer allowed to be on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and even Telegram. 


Because The Truth Hurts and The Truth Is Not For Everyone.

But The Truth Is The ONLY Way!

So I started blogging daily when I was part of the big purge where I posted this article the day of my epic take down (all planned in hindsight by those in control): #StayTheCourse: Twitter Suspension.

Thank you to everyone who visits this blog and shares this information.

We are at over 1,000,000 hits and counting. 

There are people from all over the planet who write to me, especially when they first find my blog and ask, how come they cannot find me anywhere else?

There is a very good answer for that, and that is because The Enemy Is A Deceiver.  All these people on my blog, and all these visits, yet I get silenced everywhere else. It is because I know what I am saying is the truth. Although Some Are Profiting Off This Movement, that is not why I am here. 

I am here because God put me in this position unlike these faketriots who are here to lie and seek fame, profit, and feed their narcissistic supply through this movement. 

Even though I face severe censorship on my podcast, on my remaining social media channels and yes, even on this blog and my Rumble channel (all listed below), I will never ever give up, give in. I will never bend, never break and never stop speaking and telling the truth. 

Please kindly share any and all articles you find interesting on your social channels and with others. I rely on readers and listeners to get the truth out. 

If you have not already entered your email address, you can do so on the right hand side of this page. You will only get a notification when there is a new or changed post. 

And remember:

Be the lion. 

God bless you patriots.

#WWG1WGA 🇺🇸🌎 ♥️


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Dr. Stella Immanuel https://drstellamd.com


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*Any and all minor purchase proceeds go to support the existence of this free blog and podcast A Fistful Of Truth.

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~ Dilara 09.28.22

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  1. Hi Dilara,

    I love listening to you on your podcasts and I have spread them around the country to all my friends.

    I wanted to write to you about something discovered after listening to your decodes. Trump keeps saying QuickTrial. If you do a bit a of research, its interesting but this refers to phama. Thought this may have a double meaning.

    Also, the idea that no one would play the part of Xi Jingping in Hollywood. This also had a couple of meanings for me, the main one is that maybe POTUS is pointing out that HWood is controlled by China because they could not find a double.

    Anyway its all good and please keep the details coming.

    Screw the crazy trolls and copy cats. I am a strong believer that copying is the greatest compliment.

    Sincerely, Debbie Gonzalez

    • Hi Debbie! Thank you for writing to me and for speaking and walking with A Fistful Of Truth! You have some truly brilliant points which I will mention on the podcast when I start podcasting again regularly. The part about Xi is correct. Do you remember Team America? Look it up on my blog if you have not heard of it. Hilarious but so true! I will take a look at “phama” – I was unsure what you meant by this? Can you kindly explain? Let me know 🙂 Thank you and God bless you Debbie. ❤

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