The Dying Jabbers and Business Closures!

Join me and the lovely Maria Benardis on Monday Matters on A Fistful of Truth where we are covering news from California and New York. You can tune into us every Monday for a raw, unfiltered, uncontrolled narrative driven only by God Almighty.

Listen below to today’s podcast where we discuss what George Pittman had brought to light last week on Realities and Fatalities: the death rate amongst the once healthy workforce. Connecting that information with what Maria is showing us with her on the street reporting live from New York City, we see business closures at an all time high. Are all of these things related? What is in store for those who took the jab versus those of us who are standing firm in our faith and refusing the mark of the beast? Tune in for A Fistful of Truth!

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~ Dilara 01.10.2021

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  1. Hey its me again Dilara and I will not ever!!!! EVER take any of these satanic jab… btw we all know of shape shifting of course alright go on YouTube and search for Dimmu Borgir live orchestra at wacken 2012 watch the lead singer shape shift while on stage they are a black metal band known worldwide and research that band over the years all the albums they released because its everywhere the symbolism at the live concerts of them. Check out the live concerts of that band back in 2007 and before including the cover album known as insorte diaboli does have the baphpomet on theyre cover album check it out girl YOUTUBE but I will warn you they are very very dark and do openly satanic rituals done on stage those who know cannot sleep. One more Dilara check out the black metal band on YouTube known as watain watch the concert live opus diaboli. Once you watch theses metal bands live concerts it will tell you everything! Its extremely heavy black metal

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