MONDAY MATTERS w/ MARIA BENARDIS: Healing With Sound Frequencies

Join me with the one and only Maria Benardis on Monday Matters on A Fistful of Truth as we discuss Hidden Origins w/ Michael Tellinger and Ancient Sound Healing Technologies. Maria has been researching and has had cosmic downloads throughout her journey about the truth about healing and our natural abilities to heal ourselves through vibrations which essentially comprise our very existence.

Remember, Everything Is A Frequency.

Also, make sure to tune into MONDAY MATTERS and MEDICINE’S FINEST w/ MARIA BENARDIS on a Fistful of Truth!

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  1. Thanks Dilara for a great episode. I would like to thank Maria for pointing out to be careful who you go to for healing. I went to a so-called healer for about a year or two, and had my suspicions at the time. I stopped going to see her because I am convinced that she put demons around and on me. I was being bombarded with beyond-negative thoughts, visions, and paranoia for months. It was only when I was in what I can only describe as the pits of hell, that Jesus came to me in a very real way and pulled me out, for which I am forever grateful for. Anyway, lesson learned and yes, be very careful about who you connect with in a spiritual sense.

  2. I believe, the Monday Matters with the lovely Maria is going to not only Raise Awareness but bring about Healing to more than any of us could imagine..
    Last week I was doing some laundry and usually I’ll take the just dried clothes half fold them and take them up to my room to fold them which sucks.. Hey I’m a guy!!
    Anyway I was about 5 min into the Podcast and immediately I could sense a harmonious melding between both of you, Your voices as you spoke, the tone of your laughs as you each shared information. To me it was like a concert of 2 souls just pouring out a Frequency of love and Friendship that to me was overwhelming. In fact it was so overwhelming that be fore I realized it. I had actually folded all the dried clothes which I used to dread so I think on an upcoming podcast with Maria I will tune in the podcast with vacuum ready to go! I figure if you two can exude the Frequency that can make me enjoy folding clothes imagine how much vacuuming I could get done…”Feed the Positive!!” Now there’s a t shirt Eh? What do you think? Madam Barrister It’s both of yours if it hasn’t been spoken for…Both of you are Beautiful individually and Together your beyond words! (Another shirt?) LoL May Father God, Adonai, Our Creator, bestow upon you ladies all that your humbleness can handle…..

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