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Another amazing talk with the one and only Deplorable McAllister, the cute, snarky and relentless truth warrior Linda Paris!

Tune in here to part one of this conversation and check out and pass on today’s comics!

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming !


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Sunday Comics

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~ Dilara 07.11.2021

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  1. Hi Dilara. I have another question. Q even says “to know is your choice”, or something like that. Does Q mean that there may be a type of “folder ” that everyone can access, that will show all this evil crap? Maybe levels of info. That way, people kinda know what they can handle. And if they want to see, for example, the DUMBS, then they can either read what happens in the dumbs or see images….some people will have to see it. I really think, with so many other things, people just don’t believe until it happens to them.

    • No. It means that you have a choice to seek the info or not. In most general terms. I’m sure that in the future indisputable proof will be provided so those who wish to see, will be able to look. Kind of like looking at crime scene photos (usually not released). But if such (example) photos were to somehow become available to the public in limited and controlled formats of course (we can’t show people mutilated kids, even tho sometimes I feel like that’s what it will take) then the choice to look for them would be yours. Hope that helps.

      • I like my idea better lol
        It REALLY irks me when people say “do your own research” but they don’t leave links or anything for people to go to. I am awake but for the many that are not, they will go to goog, Wikipedia or even snopes which we all know are corrupt. Then they won’t go any further.
        Please start leaving links for the ones still in a coma.

  2. Hi Dilara….enjoy your show with Linda! Have been watching her for what seems like years. Are you guys following GhostEzra on Telegram? He is providing DECLASS on the mysteries of the universe or in our case.

    I’ve tried to comment multiple times on Linda’s videos but she’s not getting the message. The biggest hoax of all that we’ve learned from Ezra is space is a hoax. We live under a firmament made of supernatural glass on flat earth with elevation. The planet is stationary and the sun and moon rotate around it. There are no planets just stars. So, the Bible is the science! Just want to make sure you guys know this information! The likes of Michael Jaco are all frauds. No prison bases on the moon or Mars. Oh and we can’t go to the moon…never have been there and never will be. Made of plasma. I, for one, am excited about these truths as it verifies the Bible is indeed literally TRUE!

  3. Hi D & Linda
    Ive notice this propaganda movie called Close Encounters of the 5th Kind, Narrated by Jeremy Piven. Ive been reading that Piven is a HUGE “Pedo” in Pedowood is it true? time will tell. Have either of you checked out this movie. I’m trying to figure out this Documentary. They go into how far back and deep the Media has been in bed with CIA talking about Project Mockingbird. Then a clip of Ben Affleck saying “Hollywood is full of CIA bla bla” Ben Affleck? REALLY!!! Then they start talking that Pedowood has been scaring people about how Aliens are people eaters in all the big screen movies. This documentary goes into. It appears that this Documentary has 1/2 truths…From talks about how “they” have been here a long time longer than you think. Here’s the kicker “they are friendly” Maybe some but not all? Really, Why are “they” breeding with humans. You & Linda have seen these eyes blinking “NON HUMAN” blink, skin changes, WTF. Watch this movie and give your thoughts you two. I would love to hear what Linda has to say. This movie reminds me of a double headed coin. Is it real or fake, are they trying to formularize you with it’s ok for alien encounters? But are “ALL” friendly? I don’t think so. They maybe enslaving them to work in the DUMBS. But these missing Children and Adults all over the world on the rise, with no bodies to be found… Adrenochrome production. This is a mass amount of info for me to take in. I just can’t imagine the average person taking in this information. I’ve been reading daily for 1.5 years. You, Benjamin, Linda and others have been putting out. An most of all doing my own homework. I told you about my neighbor and her lineage. Ive been digging in every direction. My printer is getting a workout and files are getting BIG!!!! Will they use the alien invasion as a RED FLAG?…
    Love to hear your intake…

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