You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿

How do you make the public aware of an alternate reality?

Crumbs are easy to swallow.

The stage is set.

How many times do we have to be told that this whole thing is an extremely well orchestrated plan? Do you realize how much intelligence of not just humankind, but of another worldly kind is involved in this operation? Do the math. How many times before it becomes a coincidence?

I worked in Hollywood for years. This is the best and most brilliant production, script and show we will ever see. From special effects, to military genius, to human (and reptilian) clones, we are watching literally an orchestrated and sometimes, even pre-recorded, most epic Cabal Takedown.

Don’t believe me?

That’s ok. You’ll see in time.

Until then, let’s take a look at what we have going on today.


Updates from Ben – the Standard pedo hotel is shut down! 🥳⚖️

A thread from Benny bought to us via The Bad Dadder – the shameful way our soldiers have been treated by these Luciferian scum.

A thread from Boom whose accounts have all been taken down. Why? Over the target! But nothing can stop us or what is coming! Nothing! I will be posting these threads here from now on until we have a new platform. This thread is called Rats Running: Enjoy the Show ! Thank you BOOM BOOM BOOM!


You are watching a movie. Get that in your head. You have more than you know…

IMO, Feb 22 is going to be an important date coming up, two years delta.
They are gonna cry for so many years. Lol. And we will all be laughing. Not with them. At them. Amen.
Freedom Day. January 31st. Wait for it! We are watching a show!
Jean Luc Brunel with Maxwell
Cloned and Sold Out. Choices. Now you got the Rona. Or should I say, The Pedovirus
Clones. I know all about them. Read my article called Human Cloning & Baphomet Genetic Manipulation


One of my favorite movies, Starman. Please take a moment to watch this. In our faces the whole time.

My video post for today:



Patriots help us pray this prayer 7PM PST/8PM MT/9PM CST/ 10PM EST We pray nightly! Amen!


Disgustingly Funny. Creep. Fry. Burn. Forever. Soon.


One of my favorites by Ween.

And one of my all time favorite movies and scenes. They won’t be safe walking down the streets. I can’t wait.

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Thank you and God bless all patriots worldwide.


~ Dilara 01.22.21

*Images not property of the author

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  1. Bless you Dilara for all you do. I have been staying strong, I trust in God and I trust the plan.

  2. It’s a consciousness war. We’ve already won but the movement is slow enough so others don’t literally go insane. If these people were instantly unplugged from the mind control they’d go nuts. Videos of children who weren’t allowed to play anymore video games proves it….. Thanks for the posts! Also your drawings of all the hawks and eagles were great.

  3. I know I sound like a broken record but thank you Dilara for sharing, for never giving up, for having faith in God, reminding us to pray, each time you remind me I pray. So many of us need these reminders, these signs of hope. The knowledge that others feel the way we do, pray with us and believe that in the end we succeed, and win with God. We will get our country back, drain the swamp of corruption and the world will be a the better for it. All things are possible.

  4. HEY HEY D, what did Benjamin Tweet his account suspended due to violations of Twotter lol. Must have been one hell of a tweet

  5. Thank you and all who are contributing to your blog! I look forward to your updates every evening as it is the one place I know I can go to and feel that I have great company. I, like many of the folks here, am a lone ranger. I have been called brainwashed and a conspiracy theorist. I too am patiently waiting on God’s perfect timing. In the meantime, I pray for the safety of all involved and Thank God for all I have. God bless you and all the other Patriots!

    • Lol you’re not alone you are with great company here. We are all in the same predicament! People who are nuts telling us we need help. Oh wait till they start crying and sobbing. Its gonna be BIBLICAL! God bless you patriot! Thank you for all You do for HOLDING THE LINE! AMEN!

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